Sudan lifts the national emergency state

  Xinhua News Agency, Kazakhstan, May 30 (Reporter Wang Bingfei) The chairman of the Sudan Sovereign Commission and commander -in -chief of the armed forces, Burhan, issued an order on the evening of the 29th local time, announced the end of the country’s emergency state.

  The Sudan sovereignty committee issued a statement that night to create a good atmosphere for holding national political dialogue and achieve national stability before the transition period before the election.

  On October 25, 2021, Bulhan announced the dissolution of the government and implemented an emergency in the country.

Since then, Sudan has fallen into a long -lasting political turmoil and economic crisis. The opposition has held a huge parade protests almost every week, requiring the resumption of the civilian government, and the demonstrators often conflict with the security forces, and occasionally injuries.

  At the same time, international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union actively mediate between the political forces of the Sudan factions and the sovereignty committee of governance.

The sovereignty committee led by Boolean agrees to hold a national political faction dialogue, agreed to the date of the election, and achieve stability during the transition period before the election.

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