Demonstrate the Blazer SS preview map of the Chevrolet Pure Electric Version

  According to the announcement of this announcement, the body shape of the pure electric version of Blazrss is relatively smooth. The charging interface is located on the left front of the left front, and is equipped with an electric opening and closing mechanism and charging prompts.In addition, the new car will also be equipped with a bright black appearance component and a multi -spoke wheel with a new design with the "SS" logo, showing the identity of its high -performance version.

(Chevrolet Equinoxev) It is worth mentioning that General Group plans to launch 30 pure electric models by 2025.Among them, the previously announced Chevrolet Equinoxev is planned to be available for sale in the fall of 2023. This time, the pure electric version of BlazersS will be officially unveiled this year and is expected to be listed in the spring of 2023.

  (Photo/Wenet Tong News Agency).