Improper visits bring trouble to affect growth and change

>> Improper visits bring trouble to affect growth and change. Release time: 2022-05-2011: 20 Friday Source: Rule of Law Daily □ Our reporter Zhan Haifeng Disputes of power disputes, judging by law, change is not conducive to the way of visiting the growth of minor children. The court found that in November 2018, Wang and Liu were divorced by the court due to emotional discord.

The mediation agreement stipulates that the wife of the child Wang Xiaomou was raised by his father, Wang Mou. Without affecting Wang Xiaomou’s life and study, his mother Liu can visit Wang Xiaomou twice every weekend. In addition to weekends and holidays, Liu can also visit Wang Xiaomou at any time.

In May 2019, Wang complained to the court that during the implementation of the retention exploration, Liu’s thoughts on the child’s instillment seriously affected the child’s life, learning, and physical and mental health, and Liu was insufficient in taking care of the child. Get ill. The existing visual method seriously affects Wang Xiaomou’s physical and mental health. The request to judge the change of the original visits is that Liu can visit the child once every six months, not more than half a day each time, and must be accompanied by Wang’s family.

According to the court, both parents should create a warm and harmonious atmosphere for their children. Although Wang and Liu agreed to visit the child’s time and way of visiting the child, there were many problems in the actual performance of the two parties. The impact is indeed necessary to change. Under the premise that parents can do and not affect their children’s normal life, the time of visiting children should try to avoid occupying the child’s learning time.

Therefore, according to the law, Liu visited Wang Xiao every two weeks without affecting the normal life and study of his children, two days each time.

The judge court said that the right to visit was the right to visit, visit, and interact with children who did not directly raise their children after divorce. After the divorce of the parents, the children also have the right to the father or mother who have not directly raised them for their visit and emotional needs. The requirements for growth, but the visual rights bank should be conducive to children’s physical and mental health, stable life, and not affecting learning as the premise. Based on the principles that are conducive to the healthy growth of children, the visiting methods and time are determined in accordance with the law. Editor in charge: Zhang Chuyao.