Hubei Qianjiang List 87 87 raised by 2020

In the eighth plenary session of the Municipal Party Committee, Changfei Fiber Science and Technology Park, Qianjiang also blew the goal of "Hundreds of Rights": Sprint the national county economy 50.

"Qianjiang City is focused to create a" 4 + 1 "industry system, fully promoted the food furniture industry represented by shrimp rice, smart home, with Jin Ou Technology as the leading petrochemical industry, with Dongzhang Garment, Li Wei High-oriented textile and apparel industries, the light-e-information industry with Jing Rui microelectronics and long flying fibers, with the high-quality development of the farm integration industry specialty with the pragmatism of the base + rural tourism.

"The relevant person in charge of the Qianjiang Municipal Government said. In order to promote the high-quality development of the county economy, this year, the Qianjiang City has issued the implementation plan of the large-scale county economic work, refining the Qianjiang County economic development road map, and established county economy Assessment indicator month monitoring and other working mechanisms. The project construction is in full swing, and the investment promotion will continue to force, and the Qianjiang City county economy is a wave of wave. According to the first half of the year, the Qianjiang signed project 87, total investment billion yuan, concentrated 52 projects, total investment billions, cover new materials, new chemicals, infrastructure, social undertakings, etc. Development provides strong support.