Facing the hand handle

This newspaper is in the near future, Jiangxi Pingxiang City adopted the "Work Association" form, the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government convened the party and government of all counties and regions, and the leaders of the various county and township members "face-to-face" Thought-in, task is handed over, the ability to exchange, the target is hovering, and the members of the new prime count area will enter the role as soon as possible, and create a work situation. Thought is hovering, building a political "crimping stone". Talking, political ideology and integrity reminders will "open white" as the work assignment. The municipal party committee and the municipal government leaders combine their respective jobs, there is a targeted analysis of honest risk, hidden dangers, weak points, how to implement the "party style and clean government construction responsibility system" talk about experience, talk about practice, talk, talk about lessons, Help the new customer consciously build the ideological and moral defense line of anti-corruption. Task is hovering to ensure "continuous file" work.

For the "cross-border" exchange adjustment of the continuation of the cadre, there is an information "out ofhibition", "disconnection", and the main leaders of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the leaders of the municipal government and the leaders of the key work tasks as "heavy drama", in the county group After the member is in place, the joint work will be held within 1 week, and the participating subjects will extend the participating objects to members of the township level, and fully covered all the members of the county. The municipal party committee and the municipal government’s leaders of the municipal government, based on the overall principles, target tasks, work requirements, and procedures, etc., etc. Tap.

Ability to intermittent, build a "charging station". In response to the "85" county-level cadres, "90-after" departmental cadres, the leadership of the county and township leadership, leadership experience, promote development, the actual capacity and level of solving problems, etc., to improve leadership and specialization Capacity counseling training will "press the binala" as a work. According to the work function, the city leaders surround the "settling position, the responsibility, the management, people, and the color", from the aspects of learning skills, leadership methods, life, etc., on how to "improve the leadership" teaching method, request, pressure burden , Charging pressurization for new cadres, enhancing enlargement.

At the time before the cadres arrived in the time and the post-weekend time, the organizational department grading classification to carry out the topic training of county and township leaders to improve their performance. Target, condense the development of "new kinetic energy". At the work assignment, the city leaders surrounded the development strategic ideas and goals of "struggling to promote ‘five districts’ construction, build’ most beautiful transition cities", and specific deployments for work, clear the goals, and aggregate the development. Members of each county group team combined with practical work, thinking, strong promotion, forming development, development, development, seeking development, and grasping the strong atmosphere.

(Editor: Wang Wen, Liang Qiping).