Eighth Route Army Station, the Old Site Memorial Hall: Xiao Building witnessed the country cooperation

Original title: A small building, witnessing the country cooperation Fengyun Zhu Yizhen photo □ Intern Zhu Yizhen This newspaper reporter Dong Xiang is located in Fu Hougang, Nanjing, is located in the "Old Academy of the Eighth Route Army Station", is a two-story Western Yantang. Building, space, but old sofa, old desk, wooden bed, etc.

Old photos of Leaf Jianying, Li Ke Nong, etc.

The courtyard where the memorial hall covers less than 400 square meters, 83 years ago, many of the many waves of the clouds are staged here, and each letter sent from here, each block of telegrams, which affect the Kuomintang authorities. nerve. In August 1937, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Red Army came to Nanjing, negotiated with the Kuomintang, and established offices in Nanjing.

In September, the Kuomintang Central News Agency issued the "Declaration of the Chinese Communist Party as the National Cooperation", officially recognizing the legal status of the Communist Party of China, and the country has achieved a second cooperation in the country’s danger.

After 3 months, Nanjing fell, and the office moved to Wuhan.

During the anti-Japanese war, the changes in the time bureau, the needs of the reality, promoted the Eighth Route Army in Xi’an, Lanzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, has also established an office.

This place in Nanjing has an extremely unusual meaning.

"This is the second national cooperation period, the Chinese Communist Party and its army have established the first open service agency established in the Capital Region of the National Government, in just 3 months, the heavy task has been worked, and has made a lot of fruitful work.

"Deputy Director of the Memorial Hall said, during this period, the Central Committee of the CPC and the Chinese Communist Party negotiated, promoting the anti-Japanese national rescue of the Communist Party of China, and developed the anti-Japanese national unified front, preparing for the" Xinhua Daily ", successfully rescued More than 1,000 Communists and progressive people, more than 700 people were transferred to Yan’an, and the rest were sent to the enemy’s anti-Japanese base, retaining a large number of backbone for the party. Under the cover of legal public identity, comrades participated in Beijing Restore and develop the party organization in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, meet with the Kuomintang military political authority, strive for the support of progressive people, and will receive the army, defeated, weapon ammunition, etc., to Yan’an and the enemy, anti-Japanese base. Natheld smoke, Fu Hougang No. 66 City’s clamps. In recent years, here is lively: In 2019, it was selected for the eighth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Wait, Nanjing red cultural resources point is visited and read, and the activities such as Gulou District will be opened into the small courtyard, and the young people who have been looking to the door are significantly more.

The red story and historical value behind this little building are increasingly concerned. In the summer, push the wooden window, the sun is sprinkling into the small building, and the Qingyun Lane Elementary School from a wall is coming. The school and the memorial have set up the "Eight Office of the squad" to build the "four history" learning education practice bases, and the primary school students who wear red scarf have come to visit. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.