Dalian "5 · 22" sedan hit the people escaping the case, the case, the defendant Liu Dong was sentenced to death

  On October 29, 202, the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court opened a discipline of the defendant Liu Dong with a dangerous approach to harm the public safety, and sentenced to the defendant Liu Dong’s death, deprived of political rights for life.

  The case was filed by a public prosecution on September 16, 2021 by Dalian People’s Procuratorate in Liaoning Province. Dalian Intermediate People’s Court held a trial on October 13, 2021.

  After the trial, it is found that at 11:40 on May 22, 2021, the defendant Liu Dong driving his BMW sedan along the Wuxi East along Zhongshan District, due to the reality that the investment failed, suddenly accelerated vehicle, intentionally rushed Red light, colliding with many pedestrians who are crossing the road in the Northmen sidewalk of Wuhui Road, causing four victims to die on the spot, and an victim died on the same day, and eight victims were injured. After that, Liu Dong drove to the intersection of Wuhui Road and Jiefang Road, chasing a van, which caused the truck.

Then Liu Dong abandon the car to escape the case.

At 13 o’clock on the same day, Liu Dong went to the Kunming Street Police Station, saying that it took the car with others, but did not admit the fact that he drove himself. After the public security organs determined that it was the case suspect, it was tried. Criminal facts.

  Dalian Intermediate People’s Court believes that the defendant Liu Dong ignored the law, deliberately endangering public safety in danger, causing five people to die, multi-person injury, the property suffered from loss, its behavior infringed the life of not specific people, Health and property safety, constitute dangerous methods to endanger public safety sins.

Liu Dong has failed in its own investment, venting the emotions in extreme way, driving accelerates in the public road in the city center, deliberately rushing red light, strike a large number of pedestrians who are crossing the road, causing multiple deaths, injury and others property loss, social harm Extremely serious, the social impact is extremely bad, so it is sentenced to death according to law, deprived of political rights for life. The courts of the litigation request with the plaintiff included in the attached civil lawsuit made a judgment at the same time. Some Dalian Municipal People’s Congress representatives, the CPPCC members and the social people listened to the trial.