Xiaomi holds safety privacy publicity month activities to make products in line with global personal data protection standards

People’s Daily Online July 2 (Reporter Linu) On 1st, Xiaomi’s first security and privacy publicity moon event came to an end. At the closing ceremony, the vice president of Xiaomi Group, Chairman of the Group’s Technical Committee, Chairman of the Military Safety and Privacy Committee, said that this publicity month will vigorously enhance employee information security and privacy protection awareness, thus ensuring that millet R & D products can meet global personal data. Protection standard.

"Xiaomi is a global Internet company. At first, we strive to protect users ‘information and privacy safety in the world. Through this publicity month activity, we will enhance the attention of all members to users’ information security and privacy protection, join In the army of escorting users, they are truly product default security and privacy protection from design.

"Cui Baoqiu believes that in privacy protection, a company, a industry is far less, only various industries are good, users’ privacy can get truly comprehensive protection." The publicity month is divided into the theme of Science and Technology Park Activity Week, Information Security Line Lecture, Privacy Protection Lecture, Online Knowledge Competition and Answer, CTF Hacker World Cup and Special Training Camp Six topics, activities run through the entire June.

In a one-month activity, Xiaomi Safety and Privacy Commission provides employees with more than 50 hours of online security and privacy courses, helping nearly 20,000 employees master the basic knowledge of protecting user security and privacy. In addition, through the CTF "Hacker World Cup" skill competition, 282 internal safety white hats were cultivated, and the information security and privacy protection level of Xiaomi’s full line of information was cultivated in order to further improve the information security and privacy protection level of Xiaomi’s full line of information.

Although Xiaomi Company has just gone through the 10-year development process, it has already started early in 2012.

It is understood that in 2012, Xiaomi set up a special information security team; in 2014, the establishment of Xiaomi Safety and Privacy Commission, Cui Baoqiu, as Chairman of the Committee; 2016, Xiaomi became the first company in China to pass internationally renowned institutions Trustarc privacy certification; 2018 Xiaomi opened the EU GDPR preparation, and successfully evaluated external consulting firm; in 2019, Xiaomi received three international ISO safety and privacy certification, and released MIUI safety and privacy white paper; in the first half of 2020, Xiaomi privacy brand officially released Mark the new phase of Xiaomi privacy protection. Cui Baoqiu said that in the future, Xiaomi’s privacy brand identification will be used in various products and services to reflect the attention of millet to user privacy protection.

Xiaomi will continue to practice the commitment of user information security and privacy protection through practical actions to further evoke the awareness of domestic Internet industries to user information security and privacy protection, together to create a safe and healthy internet environment for users.

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