The community special rectification Shi Jian Mountain is spreading in the community in the community.

Special actions are divided into promotional mobilization, centralized rectification, consolidation and improvement, normal maintenance, pre-session of the "Notice" in a prominent location, and has been a wide promotion mobilization in the masses, fully mobilizing the masses to practice civilization The enthusiasm, play the consciousness of "Shuangyao District" city home ownership, building a civilized and peaceful community environment. All relevant units play their own functions, strengthen linkage with the streets, and form a publicity situation of the same frequency resonance.

On the morning of August 14th, the nine street offices in Shijingshan organized all relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of special action programs, and unified the community community in all communities in all districts. All departments actively cooperate with active forward and play a smooth development of law enforcement functions and promote special actions. It is reported that the next step Shi Mountain will continue to promote special rectification actions, combed, formulate measures, formulate measures, and make measures to make measures the work mechanism of "street whistle, department report", and solve the solids Nacemother, further implementing various legal and regulations, improving community homage environments, strengthening community grassroots governance capabilities, promoting urban civilization, and promotes the quality of citizens. In 2021, Shijingshan won the nomination qualification of the seventh national civilized city (district). At the same time, we will hit the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics, the preparation has entered the critical period of full-scale sprint, comprehensive, and finally better than the battle. As the "Shuang Olympic area", Shijingshan District is close to the world’s west gate and the new era of the new era of the new era. With the opportunity of rectification violations and uncivilized behavior, Shijingshan District will advance into the civilized urban area to create normal long-term work to the depth development, build quality city, and welcome the ice and snow event.

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