Zhengzhou Sublimation Opening Celebration of well-known agricultural and enterprises at home and abroad

The opening ceremony site. Huiji District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, November 2 (Shang Ming,) Recently, the 3rd Zhengzhou Industrial Expo and the 6th Central Plains International Sports Science and Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengzhou Society ") Opening in the Science and Technology Park of Zhongyuan Seed Industry in Huiji District, Zhengzhou City. This year’s Zhengzhou species is a new variety test show, scientific and technological achievements promotion, international seed industry trade, green agricultural materials trading, industrial development forum, science demonstration education, and citizen sightseeing and leisure organic integration, the first "" The land + network show + Exhibition + Vegetable Culture Festival "The four-in-one work mode is the fresh fair in the field.

According to the secretary of the Party Group of Zhengzhou Agricultural Rural Work Committee, Director Fan Huilin introduced that the exhibition will provide directions to the national seed industry research by using the most intuitive way to "look" in the most intuitive way. Variety, providing a platform for geographical exchange and cooperation, which has benefited the structural reform of agricultural supply and the high quality development of modern agriculture.

Zhengzhou City is the core city of the Yellow River high-quality development. It is the province of agricultural provinces and the provincial capital city. The three strategies of the national seed industry, rural resolution, the ecological protection and high-quality development of the rural resolution, the Yellow River Basin, with the theme of "building a farmland, serving the country’s revitalization", to achieve a self-intensity, source Autonomous control is controlled to target, the planning layout of Zhengzhou seed market park covers an area of ??440 mu, 200,000 square meters, exhibition halls, spot trading zones, more than 800 exhibitors at home and abroad, exhibit vegetables 6,160 varieties, more than 500 participants and entrepreneurs, and high in history, the size of the country, is included in the five major agricultural brand exhibitions in Henan Province.

Vegetables, corn, and wheat are like the "three business cards" of Zhengzhou seed industry, have been highly popular and influential in the country.

According to the exhibition arrangement, 8 agricultural companies from Israel, ETZA from Israel will cooperate with the business chain projects of vegetables. "The exhibition will cover the new high-quality crop varieties, green production models, modern equipment, agricultural brands, etc., show the comprehensive service platform of modern agriculture, and carry out a comprehensive service platform for agricultural cooperation exchanges, and build a national first-class farm exhibition." Fan Huilin said The Zhengzhou Sports will attract more international enterprises through the exhibition platform to form a good situation in Zhengzhou.

In recent years, Zhengzhou City has accelerated the pace of modern seed industry, and quickly became the national important seed enterprise gathering place and seed scientific research, trading center, and continued to advance by the transformation of "seed industry".

Zhengzhou City is an important seed distribution ground and seed enterprise aggregation. At present, 95 seed companies in the city have reached 6 seed enterprises through the Ministry of Agriculture certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, more than 60 seedgrading bases. The total turnover of seed enterprises in 2020, total sales billion kg. (Editor – in: Since Salm, Xu Chi) Share let more people see the recommended reading.