Yanyang: Embedded Governance Fine Services Mass Zero Distance

In 2020, there were 624 party organizations in the region embedded in the community, 22,401 party members embedded in the grid, and the two reported that the unit participated in the total construction activities of 1009 times, and the party members participated in 15,158 people in community service activities, and met more than 400 people.

Resident Autonomous Strength Embedding Grid Services Management Yanyang District According to the principle of "street boundary, scale, seamlessly connected, dynamic adjustment", breaking the grid management of fragmentation of pollution, party building, creation, law enforcement grid Pattern, re-dividing grid, let grid settings with streets, communities, resident groups, establish a unified standard mesh system, urban area is divided into 12 street grids, 85 community grids, 701 management grids .

And established a grid management work team to establish a "five-all-round closed ring" in accordance with the "1 + 1 + X" working mode (1 community grid length + 1 full-time netger + x-grade part-time network). Working mechanism (net console, post response, visiting timing, quantitative, assessment, total network integration, "all-in-law, full traceability, grid service management matters" closed "). The Jinlin Community is the first lease safeguard housing in Suyang District. There are 30 buildings, 77 units, 5,144 households, more than 14720 people, and the floating population is a focus community for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The Jinlin Community is in accordance with the four-layer longitudinal dimension of the "Community – Building – Unit – Household", condenses the strength of the community cadres, coordinating, property security and various volunteers, and consolidate "1 + 1 + X" grid responsibility. Precision Steel, scientific prevention and control, constructed the strict defense line of group defense. Community Social Organization Embedding Grid Services Management Instrument, Suyang District, established special funds for residential government projects, basically forming public welfare community social organization cultivation processes. Community social organizations are in communities as a platform, with resident demand, and under the support of government policy guidance and "double reporting unit" resource, carry out governance and service action by purchasing services, volunteer services, mutual assistance services, etc. Effectively solve community problems and meet residents’ needs. At the same time, Yugyang District also established a district-level social organization incubation base. Introducing professional institutions using market-oriented ways, on the one hand, supporting professional social organizations to participate in community governance, and guiding community social organizations to participate in grid service management work, forming The community governance model of the government, social organization, and residents participated in the community governance model, realized the "Government’s Working Government" Solocera Transformation to the "People’s Working".