Xinhua News Agency commentator: written for the people for the time

The literary and art are the horn advancement of the times, and philosophical society is an important force to promote social progress.

On March 4th, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that when visiting the third meeting of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Social Science Community emphasized that persistence with the steps of the times, people-oriented, delining the people with quality, with Mingde Leading the style, in order to do a good job in the cultural and literary literary and artistic work of the new era and the direction of philosophical society.

A country, a nation cannot have no soul. Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, requires great development of material civilization, and also requires great development.

Cultural and cultural work, philosophical social science work is the work of Bengen’s soul, with a very important role, shouldering glorious and arduous tasks.

"Wonderfulness is in the election."

"In the past, the trend is changed, and the time of the times, this is a basic law born in ancient and modern China and foreign excellent works. Socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, the cause of the party and the country has achieved historical achievements, historical changes, Literary creation, academic innovation has opened a vast space, providing rich creation themes and innovation. For the cultural and literary staff and philosophical social science workers, with the era, it is to record new era, write new era, song new era The times, deeply reflecting the tremendous changes in the times, depicting the spiritual map of the times, the time, the time of the time, for the time of Mingde. Why people’s problems are literary creations, philosophical social science research must engage in the fundamental problem. People are history The creator is the sculptor of the times. It is both a "drama people" in history. It is also a "drama" of history. Among the people of the root, the people’s life, destiny, emotions, express the people’s wish, mood, heart, heart Use the relationship with the people to write the people, the literary creation has an unhappy, inexhaustible source live water. Adhere to the people-centered research orientation, let the investigation to ground the ground, let the academic achievements meet the needs of the people, in order to write the paper On the earth, write the knowledge into the masses of the people.

Take the people, focus on adhering to the people. Whether it is literary creation, or academic research, it should be rooted in real soil, reflect the voice of the people, and strive to solve the real problem, answer the realistic issue, and to create a hard work for the creation of a long time in the people. The new China has grown up for 70 years, and it is a strong historical history poem.

Deeply reflect the struggle of the party and the people in 70 years, deeply interpreting the intrinsic logic of the new China’s 70-year historical change, showing the development of contemporary China’s development and the wonderful life of the contemporary Chinese, put the Chinese spirit, China value, China’s power is explained, you can write the development of the era and the people’s handling, and put forward theoretical views with autonomy and originality.

Unreasonable can’t make a long, no big people can’t be seen. Doing people, doing things, engage in creation, doing learning is unified, creators must first shape themselves.

Cultural art workers, the philosophical social science workers shoulder the important responsibility of enlightenment, cultivate sentiment, and warm the soul, and bear the mission of cultural people, cultural people, with literary dollar, must insist on leading the style with morality .

It is necessary to save high, self-cultivation, and strive to pursue good virtues, high quality, and use a good behavior society. It is necessary to stick to noble professional ethics, more bitterness, more realistic work, to live loneliness in front of the market economy, stabilize, not shake for a while, not in a hurry, to be in trouble Industry, self-respecting, always doing a person who talks, spend, and responsible, and achieves self, achieving self, achieving value for the motherland.