Han Jiang smiled and said:“It’s fine,This is a friend who sent it.,Come looking for me??”

Zhang http://www.taoboli.com.cn Jie replied:“What should I do if the three female martial arts?,They are going to go back,Contact her uncle to press us”
Han Jiang stopped,Say:“Just make her how to get,As for the returning vehicle,leave it。”
“Has been eliminated by the female martial art,Can’t just use the battle department,This is reasonable,As for his uncle”
It seems to be a directors of pharmaceutical companies.?
If you are conscientious,Serving female martial arts,Do something good for the people,That doesn’t matter。
Jie Jie said to our pressure,In fact, I am worried about Han Jiang.,After all, what did Yancheng Combat Department did not do。
After all, the collapse is always coming over the context of the world.,In addition to the female Wushen troops,Row in the second,Pharmaceutical company。
People who can sit in that position,Shouldn’t be a fool?Han Jiang thought。
I really want to revenge for his niece.,Threat to force Hanjiang’s words,Han Jiang did not mind using Cheng Li Xue’s relationship to put him as long as the company。
There is no niece who does not take ordinary people,I don’t know if I am fine.,I know that I will still maintain it.。
Such company,I must not go。
The body of the emperor’s crazy beast can be recycled tomorrow.,Introduced in the laboratory of Tianqingqing,Anti-collapsed drug effect increases,Is backward pharmaceutical companies still need??
If there is a brain,Be a smart person,Then he will only be silently。
Han Jiang also does not have to use the Turkey,Speaking of the pharmaceutical company,Directly or indirectly saved the life of many people。
It is not allowed to cooperate to produce anti-collapsed drugs studied by 天.,wrong,Not saying,It is certainly cooperative production。
Things and Hanjiang expectations almost,When I contact my uncle, I will contact my uncle.,Did not get comfort,Instead, I was awkward.。
At the same time, tell the joy, don’t think about re-become a female Wuhen.,Or engage in any industry about female gods,Even the pharmaceutical company is not coming。
I will become an ordinary person in the future.,In the fight against collapse,No one can use the interests of all individuals。
The capital is now in a storm that Han Jiang does not know.,For some reason,Because of the strategy of support Yancheng。
In short,One state,Is being integrated,Shenzhou’s system and regulations on female gods,There is also cultivation, there will be a change in earth.。
Cheng Li Xue is busy can’t walk,This is it。
Chapter 293 This person has to have more
the next day,Han Jiang has a fighting team and female Wushen to clean up the collapse of the city.,There are also people who become a dead because of collapse.。
Compared to collapse,The dead is very good.。
Training a combat player,It is basically alone to deal with。
certainly,Prerequisitated is the low-level death。
When you recover the emperor’s broken beast,褚天 非 非 跟 跟,Say to collect the most fresh sample,That helps experiment。
Han Jiang and Wang Guangming two people discouraged,This agrees to wait in the camp.。
There are hundreds of collapse and beasts in the city.,Not to mention that the collapse has come a day or night.,Some people who fail to flee the city in time,It http://www.qwoxki.cn has been completely mysterious。
Remove the death of the dead emperor,How is dangerous?。
Han Jiang kills all the way with the female Wu Shen,Red Hazhuang is still in the body of the emperor’s collapse,Han Jiang used a pulse Tang knife that took a long time.。
Long-lasting double knife flow,Han Jiang still can use the row of clouds。
CLevel female martial art,Someone looked at the back of Hanjiang.。
All the way to the place where the battle was fighting yesterday.,The emperor’s crazy beast is can’t afford it.,Two buildings collapsed。
The corpse of the upper collapse of the beast is already precious materials.,Han Jiang took the red dragonfly in the zombie body.,I took the heart of the collapse of the collapse.。