A familiar voice,Passed from behind。Xia Jian surprised,Look back quickly。It turns out that Wang Youcai’s or Ban Wuwu。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Why are you!I just ate something,take a walk”
“Nothing, Mr. Xia!I see you for a while。Have you encountered something?,Why do you look a little bit ungrateful?”Wu Wu said with a smile。
Xia Jian glanced at Wu Wu,He thinks this person is pretty good。Last timeSZ,They talked all the way。Relatively familiar,So I couldn’t hold back,He told Wu Wu about Lu Monkey’s appointment。
Wu Wu,Haha smiled and said:“President Xia really looks down on people。Didn’t I tell http://www.jinse168.cn you?Encountered these messy things in Pingdu,You just leave it to me,I need you to do it yourself?
Wu Wu is a bold man,He was talking,He took out his mobile phone,Then made a call,It means that the person pulling a van goes to Nancheng Genxia。
Wu Wu made the phone call,Xia Jian doesn’t have much to say。Originally a small thing,Do it now,It looks like a big deal。
“How about this!You have to listen to me in a while,Best not to do it”Xia Jian pulled Wu Wu to the side of the road,Whispered。
Wu Wu nodded and said:“it is good!We take people over,Just frighten it。We used to deal with this Lu monkey,Also a paper tiger。Seeing the desperate bullying of honest people,But he can’t figure it out,Will hide”
“You are right,But his tone is very hard tonight,Also very refreshing,We have to guard him。People like Lu Monkey,There are still a lot of bad http://www.game9678.cn ideas” Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。
Wu Wu nodded,Then reached out and stopped a taxi,Sit with Xia Jian to Nanchenggen。
Pingdu had a city gate in ancient times,Divided into four gates。And there are also walls,I just can’t see anything now。But which place names are still retained,Such as Dongmen、Simon。The other is this Nancheng root。
Nancheng root is relatively remote,So the law and order is worse,The fight is very long here。
First2424chapter This is endless
When Xia Jian and Wu Wu drove over by car,Where did a van parked long ago。
“Sit and don’t move,Wait for my call。Phone rang,Just rush over”Wu Wu said something in the car,And walked forward with Xia Jian。
Nanchenggen,Demolition has started,So Nancheng roots under the light are everywhere,Looks messy。Some old people picking up garbage,Holding a flashlight,Rummaging http://www.feiyuehx.cn through the ruins for useful things。