The four guards also respectfully say hello,Although in terms of strength, His Highness may not be comparable to the weakest of them【Rapier】,But high status,Full potential,The most important thing is to protect this highness is very good for them。Nature deserves respect。

“Four,Don’t be too formal~”Li Ming smiled:“In the future, we may stay in the winter cosmos country for hundreds of years,My safety depends on you。”
“Your Highness is too polite~”
“Yes,It is our responsibility to protect your Highness。”
undoubtedly,These four guards are also willing to have a good relationship with Li Ming,Especially the three world masters。
For Lei Jiahou,Li Ming may not be able to help him in the future。But for the three world masters,Li Ming cares about their family members but easily。
“I heard that the galaxy surrounding the Donglan Star is a very wonderful scenery,Let’s see。”Li Ming smiled and said to the intelligent life Babata。
The spacecraft opens the simulated panorama in time,Through the bulkhead, you can see the vast picture of the universe。
This is a vast starry sky,Endless stars dotted on it,Forming the vast galaxy surrounding。
That is a river of stars comparable to the entire Milky Way,And this galaxy surrounds,But it’s a shining star,This star is a thousand times larger than the solar system’s stars,On the contrary29Stars surround this huge star,Provide it with light and heat。
Winter star,The first of the twelve first-level administrative stars in the winter cosmos,It is also the center of the universe。
On external pomp,Seems better than139The original mystery of Wuchen stars surrounding the stars is high—-Of course actually,that139Wuchen star,The cost of any one is no less than a star field。Although the outer galaxy surrounding Dongyu Star is somewhat special,But still can’t compare with Wuchen Time and Space。
But this winter star,It’s not like the first-level administrative star of the Qianwu universe‘ordinary’Important planets of higher civilization,The galaxy surrounding the Dongyu Star is not a simple galaxy,On the contrary, this is also specially modified,The arrangement and movement between the planets contains extremely mysterious formations,Nature can arouse the power of the origin of the universe。