She said this,The juvenile finally understood。

Shocking,Everyone’s face is out of excitement and expectation。
Ji younger,Means of,Higher thinking,http://www.hhhtlxs.cnIs the ancient huge body,Head of head?
Talking is Mingchuan。
After hearing,Ji Yun is slightly unexpectedly casting a look。
If you really want to say this,Nothing,But we can’t determine,The ancient huge body is true,If it is true,Can you imagine what is powerful?,Just residual thought,Can make people so practice……
Ji Yunxiao,No longer continue this topic,New Jinan University disciple,Everyone has a free access to practice,Time for half a month,I want to enter in the future.,Need to complete the task。
NS3242chapter Magic
Everyone’s foot is very fast。
About one time,Enter the depth of mountain,And come to a mountain peak。
I saw it above.,The whole mountain peak has been transformed into a stone hole,It is like a hive,With hundreds of thousands。
At this time,Tang Hanxin opened。
He pointed to those stone cave,Every stone hole,Both are part of the god map,I will give you a number for a while.,Enter the stone hole by number,Cherish time,Only fifteen days。
Say,He faces the left side,Punch,Laud,Xue Chang,All disciples in the inside and outside the assessment have been brought to。
come in。
A teenage sound leisurely。
Tang Han Songying,Wave,Signature everyone follow。
Soon to enter the bottom of a stone hole。The hole is marked with a striking number……1Hole。
I found out after I came in.,Space。
Said is a stone hole,In fact, it is a big stone temple.。
Inside the temple,Cigarette,A crane, Tong Yan, the old man sitting,A white robes,Gas-free,Like a fairy。
Obvious,Another super strong。
His eyes are gentle and sweep the juvenile,Immediately,Give them a number plate.。
Ji Yunyi,Then I showed that everyone followed,At the same time,It’s what I said before.,Everyone is looking for a stone room,Semi-column,Xue Chang Lao will open the defense and isolation array of this place,Fifteen days。
After a moment,Summer is holding a piece number to the outside。
Not used for too long,Press the number to find the corresponding stone hole。
This stone hole is not much space.,Use a stone room to describe more appropriate。
Stone indoor,In addition to a futon of the practice,No more。
Reverse is the wall and top of the four sides,Shiwey is like jade,I can even see your own image from inside.。
As for the mysterious‘God’It is not possible。
There is no inquiry in summer.,More reluctance。
When the disk is sitting down,I took out that like gold、Like a wooden token。