Gao Yang frowned。

“His Majesty,Trouble is troublesome,But not as serious as you think.。”
Gao Biyi will definite the play of the Right Right,Take it from the cuffs,Hand over。
In fact, this is not a fresh thing.,It is a semi-saga system that is rotted in the later generation.,However, someone added a lot of private goods inside.。
“A year twelve months,Square, half a month,,Prohibition http://www.nipponpaintshop.cnof the five military regulations,In addition to the leadership,The rest is divided into twenty-four battalions,Turn around,Change defense in half a month in the city。
Half of the military officer,In a vendar,Working with Hysan Sudoku,All-handed,This is the military officer。The military officer changed every two months。
Even the Light is Sun Hao Wu,Once they have no power to raise,It is no longer long-term, and you will eat the school.,How can I buy people??”
Gao Boyi’s way is“Water is not covered”,Just mobilize,Demertion,The heart of Yucheng is also good.,Be penetrated into the five military regulations,Requires cost,Compared with the past,That is the increase in geometric level。
For example, the city gatekeeper will be assigned by the Gaoyan.,But the evidence of the specific implementation below,It is often a local public day for a long time.。
As a result,Put a few people in the middle of the night,What is going on?,It is simply a chapter.,It doesn’t matter if you don’t need to be suspicious.。
“Do you want to change the five military regulations??”
Suggestion,This process is too much.!
“Order,The five military director can mobilize the soldiers above ten people.。And the military officers in the military camp got the link between the pivot court and the five military regulations.,Can act!
This process,Must not be counterclockwise,Can not save。”
Why do everyone stare at the Five Army Metro??Is it more exciting God policy not worth paying attention??In fact, the reason is not that.。
The army soldier is quota,And it is relying on the golden gold.,Exquisite is sighter,However, the quantity is limited。It is used as a rapid response force of Yucheng.。
And the Five Army Member has no restrictions,Just reform now,Let’s get 15,000 people first!I will definitely expand according to the actual situation.。
so,Everyone is staring at this piece of power.。
Gao Baoyi means very well,Since the Power of the Five Army is to use,So many 点 橡 皮,Always true。You don’t think,So convenient to dry?
piece of cake,The Defense of God can solve itself.!When the army was dispatched,The procedure is more complicated,That is not a problem!
As for the midway,Exchange defense,Su Wei, these treasures,But it is Gao Bao who wants to prevent generals from supporting the soldiers.,The helplessness of the troops is dispersed.。
“interesting,However, it is impossible to have an idea in the heart of Mingyue.,Don’t see you will be appointed。”
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NS741chapter “Nangong”with“North Palace”(Down)
Gao Baoyi and Higashi explained for a long time,The other party finally understands that the Five Army is doing it.。
In one words,Strengthen the ruling power of the empress,Strengthen the official group“Seizure”,Weaken the possibility of land forces。In short,This is a very big chess,Not only need masters to come down,It takes a lot of time and energy.。
It took five years before and after the history,After completing the first step:Military!And the foundation of the soldiers,That is, the most critical soldier recruitment and training,Time in Yutai,Strong foundation。
Even if I am like this,This panel is not completely completed.,Otherwise, where is Yang Jian?!
When I arrived at Tang Taizong,The whole system is established。
Higher ocean body is bad,Up to one year of life,He is also clear,How can it be accepted such a reform??Sentence,Which is a flood?!Higher ocean does not spend so much time to consider the behind。
So when a high ocean understands Gao Baoyi’s recommendations,Just let Gao Bao want to think about the work of the law, Convince each other。As for the light of the Light, how,Gorge。
As long as you can persuade the light,Others should not jump out。Then the Five Army Dovernorned House is a general of his hand.,Overall situation。
But if the rhizosphere is hard, is it hard??
I want to come to the five military reforms to rest indefinitely,Continue to use the current banned army system。
“People in the rivers and lakes,I can’t help but you!”