Sounds still not to go downstairs,Mainly the hill village is too quiet.,Even if you haven’t stopped from the beginning of the morning.,But only the humming。Capture their voice from the air with his listening.。

“They come back。”
“The two sisters are talking about melons,I don’t know how much planing is。I should put it together with them.,Come back to accompany you, I am disappeared.。”槐 本 本 想 那 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去,He also wants to secretly catch the caterpillar. She is coming.,Or catch a little snake to scare it to wow……Think about it is fun,But I haven’t played it.,So much thinking,I have missed a billion。
“Say that your hearing is getting more and more powerful.,This is not,You will turn into a madness!”槐 一 一 正 忧 忧。
“what time is it now?”
“Don’t you wear a watch??”
“You help me see。”
“Do you have any long eyes??”
Vane,Exhalation,Smiling mobile phone,Key moments or small love students reliable。
Actually four:30。
really,Someone is accompanying chat,The flow rate of time will become a lot。
He remembers that he is very difficult for one or two hours.,And when you come back,The longer time is like drinking a cup of tea away.。
His heart still has some touching things。
Can just prepare to get down the floor——
His shoes are gone!!
Nan Ge’s footsteps gradually on the floor,Getting closer。
The door was pushed away.。
The nan brother’s face was soaked,Pulling the love of her weekdays,The face has a thin sweat.,Make a few new silk on the face。And she is making a regulatory moment in her hands.、Dare to move the kitten。
Kitty is quietly aiming。
Then Nan Ge throws,The kitten ridested a parabolic in the air.,Steady down on the thigh。
When you realize that you have left the claws of Nange、Go back to the arms of the vision,The group expression immediately wroned,She turned the direction of the small head and looked at the heart.,Eyes become tearful。
She has not opened,Zhou has been,I quickly asked:“What’s wrong?Is it that Nan Ge is bullied??”
“Bee bully group adults 呜呜 呜呜……”
“I am too lazy to bully her.,Don’t worry about my head!It is her own death.,People with little bees, good ends of honey、Hard work,She is not chasing people to run,Also jumped up to catch people,Who is strange? Who is?”
“Yes?How is it??”
The nanong on the side is so funny,Say:“This little thing,I am still good in my hand.,Don’t cry any trouble,I called it again.!”
Zhouzhi seems to have not heard,I am busy holding a group.,Dip the gross on her brain:“There is no drum.!”
“I will give you!”
“喵 喵~~”
Nan Ge is hue, I am sitting on the side of the bed.,Tight eyes,Listening to him comforting this little thing,She couldn’t help but pull the mouth corner,Subsequently asked:“Are you still fun at home in the afternoon??”
“槐 序,not bad。”Zhouzhan,“You don’t have to take me,I really like to be alone.。”