“If you are really interested in words,I can tell you。”At this moment,A gentle voice of an old man rang from two people,then,When the earth, the soul of the soul, there is no longer。

“Doctor?”Looking at the sudden emergence of the soul,Meiqin can’t help but feel slightly。
Chapter 552 sisters
“Doctor?”Looking at the sudden emergence of the soul,Meiqin suddenly hind,“What does this mean??”
“The brain waves of my sister are the same.,And they have the ability to convert to electronic signals to each other,So you can use the Yusu network。”The old man laughs mildly,“Although you are all of them‘sdsee’,Your brain wave is also different from them。”
“So this is ah。”Meiqin reacted,Slightly,“If you say simple conversion of electronic signals,This is not difficult for me.,Is there such a reason?。”
“If you are forcibly letting you connect to the Yusu network,Nothing can not be realized。”The old man smiled and smiled at Meiqin.,“but,This result I think you should have tried it.。”
“!”Heard this sentence,Meiqin suddenly remembered that he was in the past few years.,I can’t help but hit a chill.,The face has changed a bit。<i></i>
“Although the reason why the result is mainly due to your body, you can’t bear the power of the Yumi network.,But it is also related to your brain wave and your sister.。”The old man didn’t see the beautiful piano.,It’s still a little smile.,“If your brain wave is consistent with these children,The situation may not be so bad。”
“I don’t dare to try it.。”Meiqin smirks,“That is quite a thing。”
“In fact, I also studied the method of the original mood of the original wood.。”The old man is free and easy,“Although I said that I also feel very unreliable,But if you say that you can use the power of the Yumu network,For you, it should be a kind of leaping。”
“Stable utilization?”Mei Dynasty,Then the amber scorpion flashes a different color,“This is unlikely to implement it.?”<i></i>
“Not an example in success。”Timming is chasing the soul and laughing,“To know,The first one can now use the Yumu network to maintain your language skills.。”
“Is that guy?”Mention one party,Mei Qin suddenly silent,Flash in the eyes,So sighed。
“To know that the guy is just use a royal network to maintain a speech ability.,But the royal network is fully helping him.,His calculation can increase halfway,This is already quite big for him.。”The earth is chasing the soul shook his head,“but,for him,Computational is actually not the most important.。”
Hear these words,Meiqin is silent again.。
Powerful power sufficient to make yourself crash,Can only improve half of the calculation of half??
Berses and his gap,How big is it??<i></i>
Think here,Meiqin suddenly shocked。
The gap between themselves and one is already not calculated.,So, beat one of the Qing Dynasty.?
Your strength is for him,Is it more insignificant??
So,I really want to say to what I said.,‘Become his strength’NS?
perhaps,Just his cumbersome?
“Doctor, why do you want to tell me??”Meiqin is silent,I looked up the head and chasing the soul.,The eyes flashed a touch of faint faint,“Who are you??”
“I am just a doctor of a general hospital.。”Old man smiles,Subsequently watching the eyes of Meiqin,Slight sigh,“Or,I am just a old man looking at my own child.。”<i></i>
“The urban city will soon chaos。”The old man lifts the head,Looking at the top of the sky,Eyes a spings,“Aresta’s heart is too big,This world is not a good formula or theorem in his hand.,One day in the morning and evening will have a big problem。”
“but me,No way to shelter all people。”Old man turns,Looking at the confused beauty,Helpless laugh,“From the day from me to the urban city,I am just a doctor.,It can only be a doctor。”
“There are many people we can’t understand in this world.,When you can’t understand each other,People often have to resort to force。”The earth is chasing the soul sigh,“And only we have the power to protect your own,Can consider the next step。”
“I just hope,You can become a strong and clear palace.,A bit more。”The old man took the shoulder of Meiqin,The face revealed a mildly smile,Like a kind old man looks like your own generations.,“so,At least you can protect each other’s power。”<i></i>
“Oh,correct。”What seems to be thought of,I took a few steps, the soul of http://www.qlyflower.cn chasing the soul and turned,I took a black thing from the pocket.,Hand it to Meiqin,“This is the guy stay here.,He seems to have never wanting to bring his own life to others.,So he wants to go this thing design drawings,And stay here is here。”
“I think,This thing has a day in the morning and evening.,May be sent again。”Speaking of which,The earth is chasing the soul,“did not expect,Actually so fast。”Finish,He shook his head,Turn around。
Silence to watch metal collars with black electrodes in hands,Mechanic’s gaze once a moment of multi-complex look,Confused、hesitate、Struggling is different,But finally,She still turns out,Looking at it quietly looking at your own Yumu Xi Cloud。
“Will you use this thing??”Meiqin awkward,Looking at the collar in the hand,Whenever asked calm,No one notes,Her voice is shaking with a tractuary。
http://www.networkmarket.cn Junior cloud did not speak,Just watching Meiqin quietly,There is no fluctuation in the clear scorpion.,Earthly,She reached out hands,When Meiqin has not responded yet,Gently put your sister adult in his arms。
“It’s ok,Xi Cloud said。”Tea hair girl is slightly clumsy to carry the beautiful piano,While talking with her,“No matter what the sister is doing,Xiyun and brother,There are still many other people.,Will support your sister’s adult,Xi Yun said seriously。”
“but,Because this is the requirements of my sister.,”I haven’t waited former, I have digest it in my heart.,Next second,Xi Yun will release Meiqin,Looking at her,I said seriously,“Therefore, Xi Yun strongly asks the sister to make the gods to compensate the news with hot red tea and strawberry cake.。”
“”Meiqin looked at the evening,Half a half days,Meiqin http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn is a smile。
“good。”Meiqin’s mouth hooked slightly,When you are in the evening, the clouds are softer, and they are born.,In a strong protest, there is no strong protest,The gentleness of Meiqin is full of tenderness。