A cold light is a hanging day.。

Summer looks between extravagance。
Although he accelerated,But just started。
Silky fog from Dantian,There is still a few remaining。
He does not http://www.open3dnet.cn dare to have a big meaning,Don’t hesitate to cut out the sword。
Huo Huo knife is incomparable,A knife is ranking,Instant crack,Get a miniature knife and sword。
This is a frightened picture。
Both sides are different,Essentially different。
But the extroverted direction,It is extremely similar。
While carrying thousands of swords,Gather together,Like the Galaxy March。
On the other side, densely numbly invisible knife and sword,Seems to have time and space,It’s like a sky.。
Just like it is in heavy rain,I played thousands of lightning in an instant,Then ushered in a non-destroyable。
Even people who watch the battle,There are also many people in an instant at this moment.,嗡 嗡 响 响。
Next second。
The unclear knife is rushing up with the sword.,It seems to be through the http://www.putao365.cn heavens and the earth,Connected to the empty daylight。
Many buildings in Fang Yuanmi are violently shocked by violent shock,And the end of the cracked。
Summer and Koofa were all moved out of the waves。
They are pale,Bloody,Then afterwards the large mouth。
But they play at the same time,Handheld sword to each other,Rush together。
Sword collision,Metal strike,铿铿 不 不 不。
Summer foot stepping,Flat chaos,The snake knife continues to cut out a snow,Like a piece of silver dragon in Pentium。
He knows the state of itself,In fact, it has already fallen into the wind.。
But the other party wants to win him,Not easy to do。
Antithine,Be http://www.fj153.cn more and more brave,Strong and pure end,Under the shroud of the sword,Freely。
He has been noticed that the summer is insufficient。
to be exact,Summer health、Speed、Munition、Skills, etc.,It is only strong than him.,Even more than him is much better than him。
But he only occupies the same,That is the purity,Let him gradually press the summer at this moment。
This time,Gano is completely desperate。
Even if I don’t hesitate to lose vitality,It is also necessary to kill this place in the summer.。
Within the field,Knife,Sword,Countless cold moods bloom in collision,Look like,In fact, the horror。
The fierce war continues。