“rest assured,We will contact you。”

Retropy Control Center,Tesla is exchanged with the Heavenly Headquarters at this moment.。
“Church,Mr. Qige Fei, you are currently returning from the moon.。”
“We have analyzed the soul steel samples that brought back.,Discovering the data is encrypted,Need from the Caslan familydnaCan unable。”
“We don’t know why this data is related to the family of Kaslanna,But in order to understand more data,We also need Mr. Qifu’s inverse http://www.gycxmj.cn entropy.24Hour time。”
“After the data parsing is completed,We will let Mr. Qi Gei safely leave。”
“And copy the data data,Give it to life,I hope that Mr. Bishop agrees。”
“in addition,Mr. Qige Fei hopes that Mr. Bishop can help him,Please tell him the wife of Seclia,He is very good now,Do not worry。”
Otto supports forehead,Smile looks at Tesla on the screen,Then open your hands,“sure,The Caslan family is one of the three families of the world.,historical,Can figure out their origin,It is also a good thing for us.。”
“As for the information I convey in Qi Fetty,I will give a word a word.。”
“Then this is like this,I hope that Mr. Bishop is safe.。”
Screen close,Outo hits the red wine on the table,Looking at the fresh red wine。
“Can you be cautious??Still deliberately?”
“QiGfei returns from the moon,Why don’t I see Walter and I will pass directly??”
“Nowadays, there are many large-scale cities that are rhythm being destroyed.,Walter’s old man did not bounce out,It should be dead in the moon.。”
“As for the Caslan familydna,This can be released first。”
“amber,Help me tell the information about Sishi Quege,from now on,Don’t bother me before fighting tomorrow,I need to adjust my body to the best state.。”
“Yes,Bishop adult。”Amber with amber withdrew from Otto’s office。
Otto opens a dark door in the room,After entering,The most central position is a training warehouse,There is a body like Walter in the same body.。
Although the body seems to be normal men’s body,Butter,Every part of the body seems to be full of explosive power.。
“Death of death in the northern city……Is it a death??I have to spend more.。”
Retroptrochemical headquarters,Tesla told Ali Otto to promise the study of Qi Fei,At the same time, I will tell Qi Gay’s 嘱。
“Feel sorry,Leave you at this time。”Ali Stein looks in Qi Gay。
“Ha ha,it’s nothing,These soul steels are all exchanged by Walter.,I have an obligation to help him solve the secret inside.。”
“and,Do not worry,My wife is super!”
Han Jiang is sitting while looking at him,Whoever just urgently dismantled the house?。
and,You are eager to go back,I am also in a hurry.。
If there is no contact,He is more unreliable, and now。
“Mr. Han Jiang……you……”
Han Jiang shrugged the shoulders,Say:“I see。”
The experiment of Qifu is right away.,The data here is top secret.,Even if Hanjiang falses the identity of inverse entropy。
Don’t touch this information with his position,The most reversed entropy。
Han Jiang left,Qi Gi is sitting on the chair used in the experiment,I posted a bunch of wires like a wire。
“Mr. Qifu Fei,Next, your brain faces on the soul steel database,You may see some illusions。”
“but,Just remember,Those just data,Don’t fall into it。”
Qi Guan flesaded a thumb up with a thumb:“Do not worry!”
“Mr. Qifu Fei,Please put http://www.fgkeo.cn back your arm,Do not interfere with the test。”
Qi Guan is still good,Iron rodes extended behind behind the chair,I am afraid that he will make some move after seeing the illusion.。
Han Jiang is left outside in the laboratory,But did not let him completely walk,Also to prevent Qi Guan from flying to be out of control,Need him to stop。