Dramatic collision sounds fried in void。

The strength of the black curd is directly exploded,The strength of the sky is still mighty,The bombardment is on this old man’s body,The old man is overwhelmed,Screaming,His body flew out。
Heavy falls on the ground。
White bending knife old and other Sanzun Niang strong face revealed the color of fear。
White bending knife old and other Sanzun Niang strong people have spent,The figure of the four strong people,Prepare to escape,People in front of me are terrible。
But the four people just rushed out.。
A boundless darkness coming down,The area where the square is round is shrouded.,Darkness,Fluster,The whole of Taiyinfeng is like a last day.。
Tianzhu gun straight to the cloud。
Then it directly rushed to the dark area,The vocal of terrible guns is constantly sounding,The sound of screams,After the vocal sound of four,The light is restored on the Tooe,Four bodies have fallen on the ground。
To this new moon teaching all the strong people,Others have never been able to shoot,The poisonous mud Xiya President Suha dog face with a horrified color,There is a kind of frightening feeling。
“Sixth elderly listening,All new municipal teachers above the martial arts are abolished from martial arts!”Night Qing Dynasty:“All cheats take away!”
Sun Litian,White,Monarchy,Qin Guangwang,Rotation,Queen King’s six strong,The six people’s figure immediately took the Susha dog.。
The bloody war began on the Tooe。
Half time,All martial arts are all abolished,Universities and the power of the magical pass is all killed,Unlikely,All,The soldier is taken away。
International Times on Qinglong Chamber of Commerce released posts:“The new moon is destroyed!”
A corpse is placed below the post,Croissants Strod,Suha Day,Suha King,Suha,Miroge,The bodies of Five Da Ni, etc. are all,As for the battle, there is no。
This post,Suddenly let the world shocked。
The new moon teaching is destroyed like this?
These things are difficult to fals,The speed of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is too fast.,The world’s major power is silent,Almost no one is talking about this matter.。
Just when everyone is silent,The official website of the NG, the official website is announcement:“The Poison Mudsia Government announced that the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce signed a land lease agreement,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce rentals,the term1000year,1000Within the year,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has any equity and management rights on Bozi!”
NS919chapter Rent
http://www.tongshangdc.cn “Bozi!”
“I rely on,That time is too long.。”
“1000year,Rent1000year,This is too long.。”
“Any equity,Administering,This is equal to the land of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”
“I don’t know how much the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will come.?”
“Give money?Dare to have this money??The new moon teacher has been destroyed is an example.,The power of Xinglo is still strong.,Do they have this courage to pay??”
“Yes,1000year,Fighting star shift,I don’t know how hundreds of generations have passed.,Directly set out this Bo Miya cut out。”
“Live this falls to this place。”
“good,This is too much to do things too much.。”
“This finally suffered from retribution.。”
Many people discuss,Then the piral Mud Jian government announces the new moon teaching as a black society http://www.haixingsujiao.cn organization,Will strictly crack down on the new moon,President Suha dog allegedly colluded with the new moon,Made in the mudity,Sentenced to death。
Zhongzhou City Moon Lake Lake,Tao Yao and Sichuan Luo Sakan are sitting on the lakeside,Holding a mobile phone looking at the continuous message。
“The cold should break through the cold,Otherwise, will not be so fast。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed。
“Should break through,Bozi,Bozi。”Tony Yao Mei looked at the distant south channel:“That will become the headquarters of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”
“Is it really ready to move there??”Sichuan Luo Ye Road:“Is it going to leave Huaxia??”