And the weight,For the current。

At this moment,I don’t think I don’t think it is.。
And the soldiers of other war temples,While seeing this scene,It is enough to speed up the speed.,Quick arrival。
“If this is really this,So next,It is more harm that is more harm.。”
“Although it is like this,But don’t know why,Always feel,Very unhappy。”
“But the problem is,Why is this so,Anyway, first shot and then say!”
Before the eyes,These people have not forgotten to talk about it here.。
After all, this thing is,In fact, it is,It is already just right.。
And just this,Shenxuan at this time,It is a little bit to look at it.。
“very good,It seems that it has been solved.!”
“Herein,Can occupy,If you can’t occupy,A fire!”
When Shen Xuan’s consciousness looks at the eye,The more now,In fact, this thing itself,How should I solve it?。
In fact, their hearts,It’s coming, the more it is clear.。
Looking at this scene,Shenxuan at this time,It is very light。
After all, I will follow it.,think carefully,All this,It is more thoroughly straightforward.。
And play this scene,This,At this time, Shenxuan is very casual.。
“but,Now,Since these things have been so,Then the next thing,In fact, I think,It’s almost the same now.!”
When Shen Xuan looked at this scene,The more like this,In fact, treat these things,Shen Xuan felt,It is also the last scene.。
“Yet,Three son now,It should be very proud of it.。”
“We just take this time.,Let the three sons know,Defense,What will it be?!”
When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,For this point,The more you look, the more you think,Such a thing,What is nothing wrong with it?。
But it is because of this,So let Shen Xuan itself,Treat these things,More understanding。
“but,Even if it is really planning to,Then this,I feel,Let’s everyone can continue at any time.。”
Look here,Shen Xuan laughed。
Chapter 898 The next goal of the three masses
Look at your eyes,Shenxuan at this time,It doesn’t feel that,What will it?。
Although now,Really。
But Shen Xuan itself,It doesn’t feel that,How will this?。
slowly,In front of you,At this moment,Shen Xuan is a representation of a deputy violation without。
“But now,If you really,In fact, think about it.,Poor is the root,I don’t think people feel.。”
“but,Let’s next goal,It’s three son.。”
Shen Xuan said here,Agua,When I saw it here,It is a long joy to try。
“Ha ha,Great,Calculate the round to this three son,To know,I have already expected it for a long time.。”
With the Anguird,Surroundings,Also brushing, looking at this。
After all, this,In fact, it is expected to be expected.,Basically almost。
And Wang Zhi,But shake the head:“Do not,This is absolutely not so simple。”
These,what’s going on?