You find Director Liu.,Then you go directly to the workshop.。”
Zhao Xiaoli heard this,It is also directly running the production workshop.,Just arrived in the workshop, she stunned.,Divorce determination is stronger。
Chapter 1,346
I saw Liu Dafu dressed up.,There is a laughing of several female employees.。
Zhao Xiaoli originally wanted to turn his head,But if you think about it, if you say that Li speaks with the wind?,There is also Li Hui’s support,She also re-evil and courage.。
Liu Dafu is now looking at the rise with a few people and female employees.。
“A few beautiful women,I am going to divorce.,At that time, are you interested in marrying this gold single man??”
I haven’t waited for several other female employees to answer。
Zhao Xiaoli has answered coldly.。
“Just like you,Who is interested?”
have to say,Zhao Xiaoli’s current gas field,It’s no time that the woman who is going at home.。
No matter what is the value or dress up,Her appearance is the presence of rolling。
Liu Dafu did not expect Zhao Xiaoli to appear here.。
Seeing Zhao Xiaoli took the initiative to find him,He is also laughing。
I know that last night is a role.,Otherwise, the other party will not come to him.。
“Hey-hey,Wife,I thought you won’t come to me.!”
As soon as I listened to Liu Dafu, this beautiful Zhao Xiaoli called his wife.,Several other female employees have exposed a surprised look。
After all, in their eyes,Liu Dafu is a man with a colorless heart.。
Such a man is more than a few women like。
But I didn’t expect it.,Such a beautiful woman in front of you will be the wife of each other.。
One time,Several female employees have everything。
“I went to the workshop waiting for you.,There is something to discuss with you。”
Finish,Zhao Xiaoli is also directly stepped on high heels.。
And Liu Dafu hesitate to hesitate.,I will follow it directly.。
With Liu Dafu,Just now, several female employees who are in love with Liu Dafu are also discussing.。
“Can’t see it,This Lau is actually a wife of Tianxian model.!”
“Yup,You said that there is so beautiful wife,Actually, I still take us every day.,what does it mean!”
“What else can you mean??
His wife is beautiful is beautiful.,Do you haven’t seen the gas field??
More than the director of Liu,This is at home,I estimate that the director of Liu may also look at the copy.,I can’t eat, I can only find us.?”