Wang Lin heard what Xia Jian said ,She couldn’t help but frowned and said:“Not right!I know the Lei Shi Group you said。The boss should be a man,And it must be Lei,Why is she now a woman and her surname is Zhang??”

“Oh!You are right,The former chairman had a car accident and left,Now his wife is in charge。They have developed new projects in China,I am afraid they will have to intervene in this shantytown renovation project”
Xia Jian said and lowered his voice。
Wang Lin took a breath and said:“You got her leg disease cured,Can’t you ask for a little bit of information?”
“Hey!These are two different things。Besides, she didn’t know that I was also involved in this matter。Just like Zhou Li of Lilong Group,In her opinion,The current startups simply do not have the strength to bid for this bid。So this time our company’s bid is not at the last minute,Can’t let anyone know”
Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。Although he ate a table of dishes at noon,But it’s so late,When he was hungry。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“It seems that the bidding this time is really difficult,With existing strength like Lei Shi,If companies with overseas backgrounds come to bid,Our chances of winning are really small”
“Even if it’s not big,But we will never give up”Xia Jian gritted his teeth and said。
First2598chapter Fire in the backyard
The two are talking about work,I went to the shop downstairs。Xia Jian ordered two side dishes,Then I ordered a fish for the first time。To know,Xia Jian never takes the initiative to order fish, shrimp, etc.。
These dishes ordered by Xia Jian are what Wang Lin likes to eat,So Wang Linte was moved。The two also drank a few bottles of beer,Can be regarded as helping Yaxing。
It’s more than nine o’clock after they finished eating,The two returned to the office。Xia Jian wrote a plan for the night and opened it to Wang Lin。Wang Lin was very happy after seeing it,She put all her thoughts into Xia Jian’s plan bit by bit。