Julan blushed,Whispered:“hate!I’ll do it when I meet,This is on the street”

“Then let’s go back for a while?”Wang Youcai said,I moved my mind。
Julan shook her head and said:“No way,Which one is here,Next time!I’m going back,Otherwise, the people in the store should gossip again”
“Unlucky,It’s not time to come”Wang Youcai said,A little frustrated Chao Julan waved her hand。
Julan took a peek at Wang Youcai,Hurriedly opened the door and jumped down。Watching her go away,Wang Youcai suddenly felt that this woman was also very pitiful。Obviously has a husband,Can stay alive,What’s the point of living like this??
Start the car,Just after lunch,Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep into his yard。My mother, Chen Yueqin, came out of the kitchen with a big laugh:“Your kid’s legs are so long,Almost mother’s meal is ready and you won’t have your share”
“What is delicious?”Wang Youcai asked,Open the trunk on one side。He hasn’t been home for some days,He bought something to eat for father and mother。
When Chen Yueqin saw Wang Youcai put forward so many delicious foods,She smiled happier:“Dumplings,Which day is August 15th,Make up today”
Wang Youcai thinks,August 15th is past,He didn’t know。It’s really fun to stay in the mountains,I don’t even know the weather。
Wang Degui who is tidying up flowers in the yard,Seeing Wang Youcai is back,Then left the tool in his hand,Walked up the house with his back hand。How he was when he was the village head。
Wang Youcai looked at dad,Thought,The camel is dead。An old man in the village like his dad’s age,All work on the ground。But Wang Degui is better,Everyday work is the flowers and plants in the yard,It’s simply not doing business properly。
No wonder the big brother Wang Youfa looks down on him more and more。This is what Wang Youcai said,He dare not say it in person,Unless he won’t go back to this home again。
On arrival,Wang Degui didn’t lift his eyelids,He just asked coldly:“What are you doing back this time?Why won’t you come back on August 15th?The whole country is reunited,Only our family doesn’t see it”