“I will see the president to be handsome than any time.。”Dream is sturdy,I can’t help but tell the truth.。

Finish,I am red first.。
Low,Don’t dare to watch Le Xi,Eating very fast。
Le Zhenxi laughs,Let her eat slower,Although he spent many times,But it is said from her mouth.,Quite。
late at night,kayJust arrived at the small courtyard of Li Tingyuan,I received a message.。
[Two ladies have seen Blue Xin at noon,Said to be a private custom,But I suspect that she has other purposes.。]
[Two ladies look very good to Lan Xin。]
kayone look,Fright,Two lackers track Blue Xin to shoot a few days ago,Finally, I have made a gossip of Blue Xin and Le Zhenxi.。
Now holding hands and,what’s going on?
She looks at,Go in,Li Tingyuan is sitting in the hospital,The housekeeper is waiting to wait。
“Chairman。”kayWalking around sitting around him,Looking at the documents in his hand,The progress of the new company is very good。
“came back。”Li Tingyuan stopped her waist。
kayNodded,No two ladies,During this time, she has a lot of work.。
kayAttractive by the new company,I have forgotten the two ladies in a time.,Looking at the number of tens of millions of contracts,She is slightly flashing。
Li Tingyuan is getting more and more trusting.。
“Chairman,It seems that the new company has developed very well.。”She laughed。
“Um,Good,I have been giving you three percent shares.,You will not spend the money later.。”Li Tingyuan looked at her,I found that she is getting more and more beautiful recently.。
Delicate:“Thank you for the chairman!”
Li Qiyuan put it on her waist,Laughing at her:“This is your payment。”ThiskayAlthough love money,But it’s very good to serve him.,Let him seem to return to the warm home that year.。
“I have something to go with the king managed.,You have a rest early this evening.。”
kayDisappointment,“what,I specially come over with the chairman,Is the chairman who is going out??”
Li Ting Yichao, her cheek,“Tonight is something,Very important customer,Turn over him.。”
Li Tingyuan got up,I went out with the king managed home.。
kayLook at them left,Slightly red lips。
Who will they see tonight?。
Zhu family did not cooperate with Li Tingby,So,Li Jia?
But Li’s family has not been moving recently.。
kaySome doubts,Get up,Soon I left the yard。
She observed the king of the king these days.,This new kingmanist is a very ambient person。
This kingmanist is a breakout point。
She laughed,Danhong fingertips passed the number of the king tube in the mobile phone,maybe,Cooperate with Wang managers,Her plan can be successful soon。
She has no thoughts, always serving an old man.。
And better life is waiting for her?,She can’t consume this.。