Sound,If the Scorpio。

This is a woman。
She is sitting in the most central,With a black mask,Can’t see。
Only the eyes,Through the mask,Black and white,Seems soft,But give people an extremely mately feel that,People don’t dare to look at it for a long time。
“Holy woman,Emperor combat,I must have to have a hand.。”
Five people still stand in the secret room。
They have their own features。
A short is like a pygmy,A thin body is alone,One person has a less ear,There is also a big taste。
Only the last person barely calculates normal,But his body is extremely thick.,How high is more than two meters,It looks like a half black tower。
Don’t see five people, don’t be out.,But the gas machine that converges every person is extremely powerful.。
It’s all forbidden.!
Southern voice is gentle,“I don’t know if I am suspicious.,I always feel that this is a bit wrong.,correct,Have you confirmed that the killing is really leaving??”
“A saint。”
Talking is a high school,Lower head,Abnormal look,“Killing God not only leaves,Also took away Luo Tian and Suo et al.,I only sent an unknown bodyguard to protect the Yunno。”
The other four also nodded,But also like a giantan,Handlang,Don’t dare to look at the saint。
It seems that the eyes of the saints make them extremely fearful。
“Check if he leaves??”
Holy girl slowly closed eyes,“Can let the killing are so rushed away,Improving is a big event,now,Can be called a big event,Only one thing,That is the killing meeting。”
Quiet in the secret room,Five masters respectfully。
“fair enough。”
The sacred girl smiles,“You must be confused,Why do I value the girl named Yunno?,Is it right?”
Several people look,But not。
“First of all,We have already determined,She is very important in killing the heart,If we caught her,Two effects。”
Saint girl is like a confusion,It is also like itself,“First,I can use her to threaten the killing,Hand over,But after a few days ago,We still underestimate the cold heart intestines,It seems that this thing has become uncertain.。”
This sentence is finished,The height of the high school,声,“Holy woman,If the killing is not willing to compromise,what should we do?”
“Of course, find opportunities to put her away.。”
The southern scorpion flashes a cooler,“I always want to find a chance to infiltrate the killing,Yun Ino is a good opportunity。”
Speech,Her eyes have a demon,“She will become a certain card,Ha ha ha ha ha,Kill god,He can become an overlord,It’s just a time luck.,Empty force,I want to kill him.,Easy。”
“Holy female!”
Five masters。