Lu Ying silently remembered,She turned and walked away quickly。After Lu Ying closes the living room door,Jones lowered his voice and asked:“Mr. Xia!Who is having trouble with you,Do you want to help?“

“Sun Yao!Can you help with this?“Xia Jian lowered his voice,Hehe smiled and asked。
Jones looked slightly startled,Then he laughed:“Why is he again?What can’t be solved between you,Can you tell me?“
Xia Jian smiled and said:“of course can,But before I said the festival between me and Sun Yao,Miss Jones can you tell me first,What is the relationship between you and Sun Yao??“
Xia Jian is straight to the point,He came to see Jones today,I didn’t want her to buy two clothes for herself。He wants to figure out what kind of relationship this woman and Sun Yao are like,In this case, it is convenient for him to deal with Sun Yao。
Jones glanced at Xia Jian,Hesitated for a while and said:“Sun Yao owns a certain share in the Toad Palace disco,So on the surface we are a cooperative relationship。Of course,He gave me all your information,He asked me to find a chance to clean up you,But when we got in touch,I think you are good,Can’t find a reason to clean up you“
Jones said and smiled at Xia Jian。She has a good face,Speak very calmly。I can see that what she said should be true。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I felt it last time,But I am embarrassed to ask you。But this time is different,Because I want to compete with Sun Yao head-on,I’m afraid of hurting the innocent,After all, there is no grudge between us,I think we can still be good friends“
“Mr. Xia is a gentleman,I like to hear what you say。Sun Yao and I didn’t have a deep friendship,It’s just a matter of interest。What’s more, this relationship is due to his father,If there is no such relationship,We don’t know him Sun Yao“Jones lowered his voice,Whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took a breath,Nodded to Jones:“Thanks for your frankness,What you said today,I will never tell,Don’t worry about this“
“I know,That’s why I can safely tell you。You haven’t told me,What kind of holiday is there between you and Sun Yao,You’d better not provoke such a person“Jones lowered his voice,Remind Xia Jian in a low voice。
Xia Jian nodded,So he told Jones about the matter between him and Sun Yao from beginning to end,After Jones,Can’t help but say:“This person is indeed too domineering,But you don’t have to be true to him“
“I originally planned this to end,It’s fine to succumb to his lust,Unexpectedly, his mother insulted my personality yesterday,Make Qin Xiaomin’s mother look at me coldly。All this is thanks to his Sun Yao。So I have to compete with her head-on,Even if i lose,Won’t let him win so easily“Xia Jian gritted his teeth and said。
Jones laughed and said:“Such an arrogant person, you should give him some color,But this person has a wide range,You should be careful“The way Jones said,Of course Xia Jian understood。He doesn’t believe it,In this world, he really belongs to Sun Yao。
Talking room,Lu Ying has walked in with a big bag,She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“I bought the clothes,I don’t know if Mr. Xia likes it or not?“
“Trust your vision“Xia Jian said,So he took the bag in Lu Ying’s hand。He took out his phone first,Then his hand removed the phone card from his broken phone and installed it on the new phone。
Jones shook his head helplessly and said:“You take a bath,Then put on new clothes。I think this set of you has broken in some places,Then lose it。Let’s have lunch together after the shower,Since it’s here,Don’t rush away“Jones said,So he winked at Lu Ying。
Lu Ying nodded,So he hurried to the bathroom。