“so it is,Ninety days,As a result, take a night.。”Corona is just a slot point.,Re-match,Passing the conversation。

“If you want to prove that you are not the best”
“Um?”Herbing and slight frown,You are talking about this little child.?
“Cough,In short, if you want to prove your strength,Going to find the rest of the chess and sages.?”Corona。
Although he is now quite wondering and the other side of the hammer,But I also want to know that the other party clearer motivation。
Ben and shrug shoulder:“And other chess bureau?Of course,But I and their words,Can only be called the entertainment bureau,What bets don’t pour,Can such a bureau really represent anything??”
this moment,The scarlets in the feng and the eyes are listening many,Bloodthirsty laughing hooks the mouth。
Quite violent line,Only the real chess player can understand the meaning。
Whether it is ancient or modern,China is still Japan,Once the player is a professional player,It will definitely distinguish between ordinary on the bureau and occupational bureau。
Ordinary opponents such as training competition,Equality, online chess leisure,For example, instructive,Also, for example, leaders a few games。
The difference between the occupation and the bureau is destined to gamble.。
Under the cruel competition of Japanese chess,Sometimes if you lose your chess,It will be exiled to the island,Also, some people use life to gamble chess。
In short, do you have to gamble?,Professional chess can dry their limit,Go to the completion of the Great Chess。
Other party’s decusion,Science is indeed a receiving,It is really like a fire-like fighting spirit。
His gambling between him and his feet is already very clear.,If he wins,The feather will immediately quit this holy gray war,If you have won,Who knows??Maybe you will quietly pay for yourself.。
Let one aspect,If there is no one can’t do it.,Then I am afraid that there is no need to challenge the Night God.。
Corona ignited quiet war。
“how,We open in the form of group warfare,If you win me,Then we will lose a general,Even if your partners lose, don’t matter,We only temporarily borrow your body,By the way, you will lose your life,After the December this year,Everything will restore the original,In some sense, it is also stable.!”Festival and shout。
“Then put out our lineup.。”Keeong responded firmly。
Chapter 27 · True red eye.Cough
The war declaration is just issued,The team behind the fence and the latter group will take a step forward,Teng’s murderous smoked sky。
“We have a total of fourteen people,I don’t know if I can send a few people.?”The feminism is slowly opening the arms,Dragon Shadow under the foot also opened the double wing,Dragon wings are below the group of black snakes。
The opponent’s airweight suddenly climbed,Fire-like festival。
This round of arrogance。
It’s just a few people who have to fight with you.?
Science is not working in the heart.!Can’t be more than!
He went back to the teammates whispers on the road.:“Mountainous,superior!”
“Guan me!I don’t call my name in one day.,It’s not cool in your heart.?”Shanka is in a hurry。
It’s just a little habitual point.,like he said,Occasionally he some of them,It is really interesting。
Have a kind of shout“Pikuchu,Use 100,000 volts quickly”Honey sauce。
“I have to fight here.,Who do you want to say self-evidence??”Keeping。
“Is it really so hard??”Shanbeng exposed some fear of fear。