This is the legendary three?1t

Think here,Luo Qianjin rely on the summer side,Some small nervous。1t
At this moment,Luo San Eye has walked to the field,I came to the summer and suddenly stopped。1t
And there is some cauting between his looks.。1t
This makes Zheng Kezhong and the security guard very confused。1t
Luo San is paused,I took a step forward.,Face excitement,Some say that there is no words,“Master……You,You are so big……”1t
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First1302Chapter Shock
Luo Sanjing’s voice is not high,It is clear enough,The face is very exciting, the nervous expression is really enough。1t
Just like this look in Zheng Kee and the security of the security,But like a sunny day,Rayon。1t
They even doubt that they are wrong.。1t
What is this called?1t
And shouted two times in a row……Use of respect。1t
This……It must be wrong.,Certainly。1t
But the next moment,They shocked almost stunned in the same place.。1t
I saw that youth walked to Luo three eyes.,Smile nodded,But also……And it is like a elders.,Take a shot of his shoulder,Whisper,“You have changed a lot.,Have a hard work。”1t
Luo San Eye’s eyes suddenly somewhat red,Hurry,Grin,Laughing like a child。1t
Is it my eyes??1t
Everyone’s expression is almost the same,Sluggish,Simimic humanoid sculpture,Standing on the ground。1t
There is also an exception。1t
Wang Xiaolong and Guo Li, who supported each other,At this moment,Station can’t stand,At the same time, I sat on the ground.。1t
This kind of scene directly scare two people.。1t
Three masters……Summer!1t
Is he not a small white face??1t
Think of the legend of the three,Also think of what the two of themselves have,Wang Xiaolong and Guo Lizhen are dead,As if I have seen my own tragic layout。1t
Sitting immediately on the ground,There is also a small couple,Same is white,I can’t hide my fear.。1t