Take it easy,He also plans to build the mainland,Slowly realize it。

The main god has the power to build the plane,Can also follow the lead to understand the fusion of the five principles。Although he is far from the main god,But build a continent,Maybe I can feel a lot。
“First of all,I said the water should be separated~”
Wright raised his hands flat,Under the control of the divine power of the water system,A lot of sea water separates,Take away countless creatures in this sea,Form a blank area,The white sand and rocks on the bottom of the sea are exposed。
Cecilia pouted,This method is really nothing great。What Wright is great is the fusion of different laws.,Her achievements in the water system alone are far inferior to her。
Wright’s soul power seeps into the seabed,‘Look’To the fierce magma。
The deity draws massive amounts of fire power and earth power,Fused with each other to form red gold‘Earth Fire Fusion Supernatural Power’,This supernatural power echoes with the magma deep underground。
Hot lava rises to the sky。
And the sky above the magma eruption,The violent power even caused the distortion of space。
Wright wears a pale blue robe,Floating above the ocean like a god—wrong,Really a powerful god。
“Centered on the underground volcano,Pull the magma in the ocean underground in one breath。Wright is crazy。”Beirut in the Dark Forest,Is also peeping at all of this with the main divine power。