“It’s seven o’clock in the evening,There are still four hours before the broadcast time of Teacher Xiao’s new program,I suggest that everyone help Teacher Xiao publicize,Seven aunts and eight aunts can come out to support Teacher Xiao’s new program。”

“I agree。”
“Agree with!”
Xiao Yang’s fans began to draw popularity for Xiao Yang。
Life is like a play and the top two fans are the most enthusiastic。
8:30 online。
Xiao Yang arrived at the company。
“Teacher Xiao。”Everyone got up to say hello to Xiao Yang。
“Teacher Xiao,The live broadcast room is ready。”
“The equipment has been debugged。”
Everyone is very enthusiastic。
Xiao Yang is a little strange。
at this time,Fan Xiaodong came out of the office,Carrying a carton。
Fan Xiaodong saw Xiao Yang,Both embarrassment and resentment。
Xiao Yang didn’t wash his head and move so fast,Let Fan Xiaodong leave so soon。
“Xiao Yang,Let’s wait and see。”Fan Xiaodong left a ruthless remark,Out of the office。
Xiao Yang smiled and shook his head,I didn’t care about Fan Xiaodong’s ruthless words。
Other colleagues thought,Is Teacher Xiao Yang going to be in charge?