After the fire dragon Pei was excited,Form a fireball to envelop Lei Tianzi,Blocked the outside cold,The transfer flower also entered the magic artifact space,She is also afraid of the cold air。

Cold drawn onion is different from pinch bamboo,There is no fixed growing place for cold drawn onions,That stuff is wild,As long as it has not been picked for tens of thousands of years,It’s an elixir of excellent quality,Not enough years,It’s useless to pick it down。
Lei Tianzi released Hongna from the magic weapon space,Holding her soft buttocks with both hands,Said:“You help me find cold drawn green onions with your eyes,There is a reward for doing it。”
“What reward?”Hongna pouted and said。
“Kiss you。”
“cut!”Hongna twisted shyly,But no objection,This is due to her original affection for humans with two eyes,Did not refuse to be driven by Lei Tianzi。
It’s not a good place to be in the arms of Emperor Lei,His fingers move from time to time,It’s the sensitive part of the ass,Made Hongna panting,This woman is also getting married,Plus they haven’t been possessed by men,Very sensitive body。
Tianzi Lei feels Hongna’s body is hot,There is a smell that elevates adrenaline,There was a reaction,Bowed her head and kissed Hongna,Kiss again,Unknowingly the mouth is glued together,Start to gasp,My eyes are gradually lost,Two people enter the artifact space,Slept together after bathing。
Hongna didn’t feel that she was at a disadvantage either,In the hands of Lei Tianzi anyway,I can’t escape this level sooner or later,I only hope that Emperor Lei will treat her well,Don’t sell it,That would be miserable。
After the break between the two people,Have some feelings,When I was with Hongna,Tianzi Lei felt his cultivation realm increased a lot,In one fell swoop, it reached the height of the sixth stage of the spirit receiving period,He guessed it was because he controlled Hong Na’s relationship with the sea,The sea of consciousness of the immortal cultivator can also communicate with the body*put them together,Called genius,Belong together*The essence of Huan Gong,Two people feel very excited and happy together。
But most people don’t dare to hand over the sea of knowledge to others to control,Once you have bad eyes,Life is better than death。
Hongna does everything she can,After three days of searching,Found Xuanbing Jade under a snow mountain,It’s actually a kind of jade,Hidden in the mysterious ice world for many years,With extreme cold,It’s also a material for the mixer。
Lei Tianzi wants to dig the iceberg,Hongna has to return to the artifact space,Because the area covered by the fire dragon is too small,Unless you are not afraid of being frozen to death。
Hongna can’t bear to part with him,Pick some materials right away,Refining a fire robe,Wearing a fire robe is not afraid of the cold。
It’s convenient to follow a powerful refiner,Refining what you need。
Xuanbing jade is a thousand meters deep below the ground,The ice here is very hard,Harder to develop than rock,Lei Tianzi’s earth escape spell is not working well,It can only be opened with a mountain axe of a top-grade magic weapon。