Oracle Entertainment。

Zhai Yunxiao was also happy after hearing the news,“30 million exclusive naming fee,He really dared to speak。”
His show is so popular,There is only 20 million naming fees。
Donghai Entertainment,Xu Liguo and others are also waiting to see Xiao Yang’s joke。
If anyone can buy more than one million《Tip of tongue》Naming rights,Who is taking advantage。
Someone really came here。
“My surname Zhang,Zhang Haiwang。”
The guy said with a smile:“I come from spring city,Is Mr. Zhang Jiacheng’s cousin。”
Xiao Yang’s eyes lit up,“Come in soon,Xiao Wang,Pour tea。”
Zhang Haiwang took a sip of tea and said with a smile,“I plan to buy《Tip of tongue》Exclusive naming rights。”
next to,Zhao Xueyi and Ji Anran seem to have seen a ghost,Someone really bought it?
Xiao Yang asked,“Do you know how much it costs to buy our exclusive naming rights?”
Zhang Haiwang said with a smile,“know,Thirty million,Our Four Season Herbal Tea decided to buy exclusive naming rights。”
Paused,He explained,“Four Season Herbal Tea is mainly sold in Spring City,The company was established for four years。”