Xiao Yang looked at him coldly。

Greasy young man holding hands,“Well,We just wait for the police to come。”
Zhao Xueyi and others’ faces changed,These people are so confident,Must be dependent。
Yuan Zhiling’s beautiful eyes flashed,Said to Xiao Yang with a low smile:“It seems we are about to have trouble,That Lin Shao has a good background,or……I’m going to accompany the wine?”
Xiao Yang said badly:“Nonsense,I am here,You will be fine。”
Yuan Zhiling enjoys the feeling of being protected……Although she doesn’t believe Xiao Yang can protect her in the end,She understands Xiao Yang,Xiao Yang in the body.There is no one in the system,How could you beat that“Lin Shao”。
“Who reported it.police?”
Soon two police.Check it out,One of the bearded policemen spoke lightly,He was arrogant,But the moment I saw the oily young man,His face immediately changed。
This detail fell in the eyes of Xiao Yang,Make his face sink slightly,It seems that“Lin Shao”Really some background。
The bearded policeman.Cha didn’t say hello to the oily youth,He scans everyone,Speak lightly:“Who reported the case?What happened?”
Xiao Yang told what happened just now。
The yellow-haired young man sneered:“You really can spit people,Did my friend get kicked in the head by a donkey??Knock yourself with a wine bottle?”
He looked at the beard and said:“police.official,Things are like this,My friend accidentally opened their door,Turned out they were upset,Smashed my friend’s head with a wine bottle,You can check the fingerprint on the bottle。”
Zhao Xueyi and others reacted,The reason why the man was wearing gloves just now,Actually to frame them。