Zhou Rui on the phone screen cleaned up the dishes,Walked into the kitchen。

And this time,Zhou Rui who stayed in the room came out。
Her face is very ugly。
“Zuo Zhi,Don’t you want to explain to me a little bit?”Zhou Rui sat by my side。
She exudes a strong hostility。
I know,This is a precursor to the coming storm。
Turn off the phone screen,I said calmly,“Didn’t you say,I have nothing,No car no release,No money yet,Which girl can see me?”
I laughed mockingly,“Wang Yi doesn’t like me at such an age,Not to mention Shimeng,She is a colleague of mine,The extermination master asked me to take her,that is it。”
If it wasn’t for her to ask me,I would never explain so much to her。
Zhou Rui’s face suddenly eased a lot。
perhaps,What i said just now,Exactly what she thinks in her heart,and so,She was relieved in her heart。
“Husband,I hope you can tell me more about your work。”Zhou Rui’s hand on my hand,“Otherwise, I will not even know who you usually contact,Can’t figure it out。”
The subtext of her sentence is,Although she believes I will not cheat,Mainly there is no ability to cheat。
but,I still have to report to her more。
Sneer in my heart,Why。
She and Uncle Wu are unclear,In the bathroom,Stay for more than half an hour,The ghost knows if they are doing anything nasty!
Now he came to teach me,Simply outrageous!