Think about it,It doesn’t make much sense to take her。

“Just me。”Finished saying this,I turned and left the office。
Because of business trip,I did the preparatory work for a morning。
In the afternoon,Zhou Rui called me,She told me to go home for dinner。
It seems she has returned。
and,have already known,I have moved out。
otherwise,No need to call me to go home for dinner。
After returning home at night,The first thing I saw was Zhou Rui’s mother。
She is sitting on the sofa watching TV。
Her face is haggard,Bloodshot eyes。
“You’re back。”She nodded slightly at me。
I smiled awkwardly,Then walked into the bedroom。
The spatula in the kitchen keeps ringing。
I didn’t dare to look at her。
After entering the door,I just remembered,This home,No more clothes for me。
I sit on the bed。
Feeling a little dull。
I can face Zhou Rui,You can also have a big fight with her。
but,When I saw Zhou Rui’s mother,I don’t know how to face it。