Shimeng turned his head and looked at me,“Master,I don’t know about this。”

“I know。”I said calmly。
Suddenly,A group of people all looked at us in amazement。
“you know?”Shimeng looked at me incredulously,“what the hell is it?”
This stupid girl has a loud voice,Disregarding the eyes of others。
“Work, Can you wait until after get off work?。”I can’t help but scold。
immediately,I feel my tone is wrong,I changed my tone immediately,“Director of Shimeng,After we get off work,I explain this to you。”
“I can’t wait。”Poetry dreams,Walk to Yao Yun’s office。
I sighed,Followed up。
In the office。
Yao Yun looked at the grumpy poetic dream very calmly。
“Why this supervisor is me,Instead of my master?”
“Lu Rongsheng found you?”
“Do you think I am the shareholder’s daughter,To please my dad?”
“Poetry dream,Don’t talk nonsense。”I’m behind her,Interrupted her quickly。