Cheers,On the first day2.6%Listening rate,Maybe it will break the record again in the next few days。

of course,It doesn’t matter if it can’t be broken,After all, the current listening rate of Donghai evening shows,The first and the second are all maintained by Xiao Yang。
Zhao Xueyi laughed,“I believe that Liao Zhai will definitely break the listening rate of the director’s first two programs!”
“We also believe!”Others are also confident。
in the corner,Fan Xiaoxuan’s complex expression,She watched Xiao Yang succeed step by step,And succeeded on her,Can she be happy?
at night,Xiao Yang continues to broadcast,The plot is high tonight-tide。
Ning Caichen mistakenly identified Yan Chixia as a murderer,Planning to take Xiaoqian away,He didn’t know that Grandma Tree Jing was forcing Xiaoqian to kill him。
Xiaoqian refused,Grandma ordered the demons to kill Ning and Xiaoqian,Yan Chixia appears again,Save the two,Grandma was seriously injured and left。
At this moment,Ning Caichen learned that Xiaoqian was a wandering soul,Controlled by grandma because the bones are abandoned in the wilderness,Every night looking for strong men to attract yang Jing for grandma,Life Extension。
Everyone is fascinated,Unexpectedly, Xiao Yang’s conversation turned,Actually said it’s time for today,see you tomorrow,Everyone really wants to shoot Xiao Yang with a brick,Too much appetite。
Zhao Xueyi and others are looking forward to tomorrow’s listening rate,But people from other radio stations can’t sleep tonight。
the next morning,Everyone is waiting for the listening rate。
“How many?”Xu Liguowen。
The guy at the radio handed him a piece of paper,He was stunned on the spot。
It’s not just him who is stunned,The people on other radio stations were also stunned,This listening rate is too exaggerated?
“This listening rate is against the sky!”