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Chapter One Wife’s part-time job
Friday night,I prepared a sumptuous dinner,Waiting for wife Zhou Rui to come home。
Since graduation,The two of us stayed in this strange city,Worked hard together for three years。I swear to give her a rich life,I want to buy her a house and a car,Then the wind and wind will marry her in。But Zhou Rui can’t wait,Regardless of her parents’ objections,Married me without hesitation。
It touched me,I swear to love this one woman forever。
When spring started this year,I was exceptionally promoted to the deputy director of the company’s business department,The salary has risen by three thousand yuan。When I told Zhou Rui this news,She was not so happy。
I asked her why she was upset。
Zhou Rui said with a pouting mouth,You are so good,I’m still a clerk,How can I be worthy of you?
I comfort her, “You keep all my money,Make more money,Are all in your hands。”
so,Zhou Rui was happy。
but,A few days later,She made a very bold decision,Quit the job。and,Before resigning,Never discussed with me。
That evening,She made a good table,I am wondering,What day is today,Zhou Rui spit out a few words leisurely,I resigned。
Suddenly,I’m dumbfounded。
“Why resign?”I ask her。
“I want to make more money,Let’s buy a house as soon as possible,I don’t want to rent a house。”Zhou Rui looked at me firmly。