Went straight to the garage,Si Nansui felt safe now,Then ignore the curious Lei Tianzi,Open the door and walk down,Said with a mobile phone:“Qingqing,Scared me,You do not know,The killer of the Xiyue faction chased me 13th Street,I finally got dumped,The most dangerous time,The knife that can cut off the head is only three inches from me,If it wasn’t for my long legs……”

Speaking of which,Only hear“boom”The sound of,The door of the tens of millions of dollars worth of Bentley was opened by violence,Fell on the concrete floor of the garage。
“what——”Si Nansui raised his cell phone and made a terrifying cry,Her heart is bleeding,Anyone who knows Sinan Sui knows,This is her favorite BMW horse,I was split today。
“Hoho……Hoho……”Qin Qing didn’t know what happened,Calling for best friend Shi Nansui。
“my car……”Sinan Sui whispered in despair。
“Accident?”Qin Qing heard that Si Nansui was fine,Relieved。
Lei Tianzi, who jumped out of the car in embarrassment, stood by the car,Scratch your head,Look cute,Said:“I seem to be doing something wrong。”
Although my car was hacked,Thinking of Lei Tianzi’s horrible means of running away the windbreaker,Si Nansui dare not hold accountable,Pouting and leading Lei Tianzi upstairs from the garage,Then turn on the TV to relieve the guests,She called the repair shop later,Let them send someone to repair the car。
Turn around,Qin Qing came to Hongyuan Community,I heard Shinan Sui describe how“Picked up”The Passage of Lei Tianzi。
Qin Qing said thoughtfully:“This Lei Tianzi won’t be crazy,Should be an alien,Think about it,Except not knowing the car,Don’t understand TV、Mobile phone,He doesn’t speak crazy。”
“Alien?how is this possible?”Sinan Suiyong“Damn it”Looked at the wise Qin Qing and said。
Qin Qing hooked her finger,Two people crept into the playroom,Qin Qing whispered:“Since he can beat the killer of Xiyue faction,Martial arts must be good,Let’s make good use of。”
“How to use?”
“You stupid?How valuable is a martial arts master,You should know better than me。”Qin Qing reminded。
Sinan Sui’s eyes turned,Suddenly realized,Can’t help but laugh,After being resuscitated, he became a cunning little fox。
Stayed at Si Nansui’s house for three days,Lei Tianzi flipped through all the books,These books are all used by Si Nansui as a storefront,She never likes to read。
Tianzi Lei reads very fast,One item ten lines,A five-hundred-page masterpiece was finished in just over an hour。
When eating at noon,Sinan Sui peeled a hairy crab to Lei Tianzi,Said enthusiastically:“Lei Tianzi,I have one thing, how about you please help?”
“Speak,what’s up?”Lei Tianzi eats fast,At least faster than Sinan Sui peeling off crab skin。