Jinhua Wucheng District’s first Ping An theme Party Construction Alliance was established

  At the establishment ceremony, the "ingenious building of the city · Yan’an has me" party building alliance officially signed a contract, and carried out emergency rescue drills of the Water Sports Center to give full play to the advantages of the alliance to promote the construction of peace.It is reported that after the establishment of the alliance, it will implement five main contents of organizational co -construction, talent breeding, resource sharing, development co -consignment, and governance to create a benchmarking position of the "Water Sports Center" alliance, and use "grass -roots governance""Regional management", "science and technology security", "project guarantee", "emergency rescue" 5 second -level sub -alliances are the starting point, finding the demand, and constantly creating N special topics such as "red property", "business district alliance" and "anti -fraud alliance"The brand and project three -level sub -alliance gives full play to the advantages of the "5+1+N" party organization alliance model, forming a beautiful urban joint construction, grass -roots governance, social organization linkage, and information application Unicom’s emergency rescue joint service system.