Party building scientific research vitality "National model" help development

Original title: The "National Model" of the Party Construction Scientific Research to help the development of a branch is a fortress, and a party member is a banner.

The Second Party Branch of the Department of Pharmacy of Leshan Vocational and Technical College was rated as a national party building work model branch by the Ministry of Education in 2019 to cultivate the creation unit. The 14 party members and teachers of the branch undertake the teaching and scientific research tasks of pharmacy, agronomics and related majors. In 2021, they adhered to the problem -oriented, focusing on solving the problem of party building and business "two skin" problems, innovating the work method of "three, three promotion" branch work methods , With the branch construction of the "seven powerful" (strong education party members, strong management party members, strong supervision of party members, strong organizational teachers and students, strong propaganda teachers and students, strong condensing teachers and students, and strong service teachers and students) as the main line, further promoting party building, teams, teams and teams 2. Business integration and improvement, and the branches of the branch’s creation cohesion are continuously enhanced. Education and learning comprehensively promoted the teaching style of excellent party style. In 2021, the Second Party Branch of the Faculty of Pharmacy launched the theme party day activities and the branch of Leshan Red Culture Research Activities.

The event is based on Leshan Red Culture Learning. The party members of the branch visited the school’s party history education base, the Ledshan Red Cultural Exhibition Hall, and revisited the red story that happened in Leshan area, which was moving and thought -provoking.

In order to further promote the deep and practical and practical of party history learning and education, the Second Party Branch of the Teaching and Workers’ Teachers of the Department of Pharmacy has planned "Leshan Red Cultural Research" based on the early party history learning and education activities, including the visit of Leshan Red Cultural Exhibition Hall, Leshan, Leshan The collection of red cultural historical materials, Leshan Red Culture Seminar, and Leshan Red Culture Find four parts. Through the development of the activity, all party members and teachers of the branch studied the red culture of Leshan, perceived the spirit of the red spirit, and transformed Leshan’s red culture into curriculum ideological and political teaching materials through collective discussions and teaching practices to enhance students’ ideological and political education. In addition, the branch organized a series of red -themed activities such as the "Party History Knowledge Competition" and "first lesson of party members and teachers" to further deepen the study and education of party history and build the foundation of party members. It is understood that the Second Party Branch of the Department of Pharmacy has always tightened the general valve to build the general valve, and promotes the overall quality of the teachers with political theory, ideals and beliefs, and ethics education. Adhere to the basic organizational life system of the "three meetings and one lesson", actively build the "micro -party lesson" lecture hall, establish a "network+" party member learning platform, form a learning and education model of "study" in the "study" of party history, change "let me learn" For "I want to learn", improve the initiative and enthusiasm of party members to participate in organizational life. Adhere to the promotion of "two studies, one doing" study and education, and the normal long effect of learning and education, establish a process management mechanism for learning and education, and successively carry out "teacher inheritance and cultivation", "micro -party lesson, party members’ lectures", "party members take the lead in curriculum, based on classroom tree benchmarks" Wait for the theme party day activities.

With the promotion of the excellent party style, in the past two years, the quality of the teachers of Leshan Vocational and Technical College has improved significantly. The participating team is recommended to participate in the National Teachers’ Teaching Property Competition; instruct students to participate in various skill competitions and double innovation competitions, win 1 national third prize, 4 provincial prizes, 8 second prizes, and 13 third prizes item.

Pioneer model typical uses the second party branch of the Department of Teaching and Pharmacy of the Department of Pharmacy in the Department of Teaching and Pharmacy of the Department of Teaching and Pharmaceuticals of the Department of Teaching and Pharmaceuticals of the Department of Party Membership, the leading role of the party members and teachers will guide party members and teachers to establish demonstrations in key tasks such as teaching and educating people, scientific research, and social services. Bid benchmark. Since May 2019, since the establishment of a Buddhist mandarin base, a doctoral workstation co -built by the Shawan District and Leshan Vocational and Technical College, the college has selected seven pharmacy and agronomy majors to enter the "Village Doctoral Work Station" to surround the industrial development. , Technical research, skills training, etc., carry out assistance and squat solution to the village. Xu Jiao, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Department of Pharmacy of Leshan Vocational and Technical College and the second party branch of the Department of Pharmacy, has become a member of the "village doctoral workstation". The team entered the base and carried out research and development based on the development of local industries.

"At present, we have tried to produce a series of products with dual effects of medicinal and borosity with bergamot, bergamot, bergamot tea, bergamot, etc., which improves the added value of the bergamot industry." Xu Jiao said, "We hope to use technical means through technical means Help the borosity planting improvement and efficiency, allowing the bergamot to change the product from the product, and the continuous extension of the bergamot industry chain.

"Village Ph.D. Workstation", as a pioneer demonstration platform, has achieved good practical results in exploring colleges and universities to serve the society, expand the development of local industries, and establish a morality platform.

At the same time, the Second Party Branch of the Department of Pharmacy Teaching and Teaching Workers vigorously strengthened pioneer model propaganda, opened up a special publicity column of the "role model", and comprehensively applied a variety of publicity platforms such as the institutes, radio, campus websites, and WeChat public accounts to strengthen the right right. The publicity of outstanding party members, teachers and students, actively carry out brand creation activities such as "party members and teachers ‘volunteer service mobile posts" and "party member teachers’ classroom teaching demonstration posts", creating a strong atmosphere of advocating advanced, striving to be advanced, and inspiring teachers and students to take the courage to take responsibility and really grasp Struggle and strive for excellence.

Organizing the systematicization of educating people has been promoting soul -casting people with the development of party members. Systematic "organizational education" working model. In exploring the co -construction of school -enterprise branches, the branch actively promoted the development of student party members who jointly participated in schools and enterprises. The core values ??of socialism enhance the consciousness and ability to resist the bad social atmosphere. In daily teaching, the branch implements party members and teachers to contact the class system, equipped with a ideological mentor for each student, and the training of student party members from "entering the school gate" to "go out of the school gate", so as to be party members to class, cultivate to the class, and cultivate until the class membership to the class, and cultivate until the class members to the class. people. Create a brand -like brand of enrollment and departure education, vigorously carry out inspirational, grateful, honest, and development of education, formulate and improve the "second classroom transcript" system. Students have been awarded 197 A -level certificates for the comprehensive quality of college students in Sichuan Province.

Standing at the new historical starting point, the Second Party Branch of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Leshan Vocational and Technical College will continue to take the initiative to take the initiative to focus on the development needs of local industries under the leadership of the college party committee, provide talent guarantee for talent, and do it to help regional economic and social high -quality development. The due contribution. (Reporter Lu Qianwen) Source: (Responsible editor: Yuan Ling, Gao Hongxia) Share let more people see it.