Southern Energy Supervision Bureau carried out the safety supervision of the safety risk of dangerous chemicals in power enterprises

  In order to further prevent the safety risks of hazardous chemicals and curb the occurrence of dangerous chemical accidents, in accordance with the work deployment of the National Energy Administration, the Southern Energy Regulatory Bureau, together with Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan’s three provinces (districts) power management departments to carry out the concentration of dangerous chemical safety risks in the area under its jurisdiction, Governance safety supervision. The Southern Energy Regulatory Bureau attaches great importance to the preparation of the "Southern Energy Supervision Bureau in 2022 Power Enterprise Dangerous Chemical Safety Risks Concentrated Governance Work Plan" to clearly guide ideas, work goals, key work content, division of responsibility, and work arrangements; deepen the work of combining common management Mechanism, strengthen coordination and information sharing with the power management departments of the three provinces (districts); formulate a list of major safety risks, major sources of danger and governance measures in the dangerous chemicals of power enterprises in the jurisdiction. Chemical safety risk governance, especially urea replacement liquid ammonia transformation project. Next, the Southern Energy Supervision Bureau will continue to deploy in accordance with the National Energy Administration, and together with the three provinces (districts) power management departments Power safety supervision work, carry out "four or two straights" inspection. Essence