Hubei Provincial Family Planning Association Family Health Promotes Puyang Project Launched

On September 27, the Hubei Provincial Family Planning Association Family Health Promoting Xiangyang Project launching ceremony was held in the third middle school in Fuyang City. Zhang Youfang, a full-time vice president of the Provincial Counter Council, said that the Decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on Optimizing the Population Policy Promotes the Long – term Balanced Development of Population (hereinafter referred to as the Central "Decision") clearly stated that it is necessary to actively play the role of the family planning association and strengthen the grassroots ability. Construction, do a good job in publicity education, reproductive health consultation services, eugenics and education guidance, family planning family help, rights maintenance, family health promotion, etc. , The responsibility of the family planning association is significant, the mission is glorious, and there is no loose emotion.

As the group organization under the leadership of the party committee, actively participating in the grassroots social governance, play an important role in participating in the multiculturalism of health and health, especially the "Qi Sheng Estate Guidance Center" implemented by promoting family health promotion. More than 10 Huimin projects such as "Caring for children away from the" Warm Heart Home "have been fully affirmed by the party and the government and the masses of the masses.

Fuyang City will take the opportunity to implement the family health promotion action project, conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Decision" of the Central Committee, closely around the "six key tasks", highlight health guidance and services to children, adolescents, childbearing agents and middle-aged population, Continuously improve youth health, eugenics, baby care, family planning special family help service level, guide families to establish a health concept, develop health behaviors, and create a work brand with Fuyang characteristics, in order to promote the long-term balanced development and family health of the city’s population , Happiness, harmony contributing to the strength of the family planning association. (Ye Fanfan) (Editor: Guan Xi Yan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.