Beijing "Good Traffic Bus Tour" will take you to enjoy the city departure center

  Changyou City Deputy Center, check the big canal. During 2021 Beijing (International) Canal Cultural Festival, Tongzhou District launched a three-day "Good Luck Bus Tour" Cultural Theme.

"Good Mail Bus" has officially started, and the public and canal cultural experts have settled together, explore the characteristics of cards and experience the fine cultural tour. Grand Canal Forest Park information map reporter Wang Hai Xin came to the first place of "Good Machine Bus Tour", the warm beauty of the urban green forest park, as a city deputy center ", a shaft, two ring, one heart" plan The important part of the pattern is adjacent to the Grand Canal, echoing with the deputy center administrative office area, becoming a citizen’s leisure center and cultural new landmark.

  Subsequently, "Good Machine Bus Tour" passengers came to Zhangjiawan next to "City Green", and felt future design expressions full of technology. The tourists of "Good Luck Bus" also take the canal boat, along the way to the canal Olympic Garden, Yu Yue Square, Yun Yue, and enjoy the autumn west of the canal, listen to the history of the canal in the sound of the waves. Inheriting the millennium cultural blood.

  It is reported that "Good Machine Bus Tour" has launched three tour routes, distinctive features, and different. On October 16th, on the 17th, "Good Machine Bus Tour" will continue to start, the canal culture experts explain the whole process, the Beijing Radio and TV station hosts team, jointly fights the citizens and friends, Hanmeilin Art Town, Han Meilin Art Museum, Grand Canal Women and other wonderful attractions, experience the joy of golden autumn picking, and take the "water bus" and reward the canal. (Original title: "Good luck bus tour" Main Canal Culture) Source: Beijing Daily | Reporter Wang Guangyan.