Dead this epidemic, give us strength and confidence is the Chinese people

  On February 10, 2020, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, President of the State, Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, invested in Beijing to guide the prevention and control of new coronal pneumonia epidemic.

This is Xi Jinping’s Ai Hui Community, Anhua, Chaoyang District, understands the grassroots first-line epidemic association. Xinhua News Agency reporter, Pang Xing, "In the past 8 months, our party group led the people of all nationalities in the country, carrying out a thrilling anti-vactometallic war, withdrawing a hard-working history, paying huge efforts, achieving fighting The new crown pneumonia epidemic struggle struggles, created another heroic feat in the history of human beings with the history of disease! "At the national anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic commendation conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an exciting summary of the Chinese anti-v.cass. This is a national action without a bystander. The people are the main force of this struggle. In Wuhan, in Shulan, in Beijing, in Urumqi, in Dalian … no matter which city has an epidemic, the Chinese people have always been in the heart, walking side by side! In the city, in the countryside, in the coast, in the mainland, 4 million community workers are worth watching 650,000 urban and rural communities in the country; all kinds of private enterprises, private hospitals, charity, nursing homes, welfare hospitals, etc. are active; Party members, cadres took the lead in fighting, the people’s liberation army guide, the police officers and men of the armed police force No matter the old, watch help, Zhong Zhicheng City, countless people stand together with Wuhan, stand with Hubei. On January 29th, "News Network" reported the story of Wuhan Express Delicious Dawn. Xiaodong’s work location is just 400 meters from Wuhan City, and his and colleagues have stressed many days. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has touched the hearts of the people. The Express Department continued to receive the love materials sent by netizens to the medical staff, and the small still daily time is between the hospital and the work site. He said: "We are now delivered to great, but there are many people may need these medical materials. I do is worthy of my conscience. This is my biggest satisfaction!" And in Dongxihu District, Wuhan, Vegetarian Qin Daan rides more than 40 kilometers of electric three-wheeled car, finally arrived at State Chinese Medical Medical Team and other resident hotels. On his car, 24 boxes of vegetables were installed.

I heard that the medical team lived here, 45-year-old Qin Dafan picked a bunch of vegetables of their own gardens, and bought some from other vegetable farms, and came to send dishes alone. Because not familiar with the road, it will not use navigation, more than 40 kilometers of road. He spent more than 3 hours, and his face and hands were blown red.

But he is very happy, telling the people: "This is the most fresh! I only have so much." There is a simple sentence, and there is a good kind of kindness, in this hard epidemic prevention and control, Shining light.