Baoshan City launched 2021 national network security promotion week activities

Original title: Baoshan City launched 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week October 11, Baoshan City launched a 7-day 2021 national network security publicity week activity. Since the official start of the activities, all departments at all levels in the mast will be in accordance with the unified deployment of the network security publicity week, closely around the theme of "network security is the people, network security relying on the people", carefully organized planning, highlight key, in-depth publicity "network security Law "" Data Safety Law "" Personal Information Protection Law "and other laws and regulations, extensive publicize the popularization of network security knowledge. At the same time, the event will pass into the organ, enter the enterprise, enter the campus, enter the community, enter the website, enter the rural areas, combined with the various channels of the online line, for personal information protection, data security management, key information infrastructure for the masses. Protection, telecommunications network fraud crime, digital platform health development, adolescent health online and other issues, carry out various characteristic publicity weekly theme activities, earnestly enhance the network security awareness and protective skills of the broad masses of the people, and vigorously create a social security The strong atmosphere of the defense line.

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