Hebei a variety of green low-carbon products debut

At the 2021 International Service Trade Fair, as an exhibitor, Dongxu Group’s Dongxu New Energy Co., Ltd. and Shenlong Bus bring a batch of green low-carbon new products, new technology debut, reflecting energy zero carbonation , The latest technical achievements in traffic intelligence, meet people’s new expectations, new needs of green production and life.

"Green zero carbon cottage creates a better life." Into the No. 9 Hall 9 ", Beijing Shougang Park" carbon neutral "green technology service exhibition area, a house consisting of houses, photovoltaic equipment, windmills, and green plants, show Dongxu Blue Sky" wisdom The zero-carbon integrated solution "is very eye-catching. In recent years, the development of distributed photovoltaic power plants has occurred, and there is a large design, construction and post-operation difficulty, and a large number of power stations have an impact on distribution network dining capacity. To this end, Dongxu Blue Sky solves this problem by implementing "light storage charges" technology.

"The system uses during the day to accumulate multi-electricity or valley, and improve the power supply reliability and stability of distribution network.

The adjustment function can also be used to respond to third-party scheduling requirements, and the source network DROPYS is also responsive.

"Dongxu Blue Sky staff introduces the operation principle and technical characteristics of the system to the audience.

With the continuous evolution of the new energy system, green transportation, green travel has become more and more people’s real needs. The current service trade fair, the Shenlong passenger car brought two pure electric urban passenger car products, which were lightweight, weightdmented by about 10%, which can be equipped with a variety of auxiliary driving techniques. High security features. Shenlong bus staff introduced that the company is committed to new energy commercial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and sales, of which the hydrogen fuel cell bus has realized bulk operation in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhangjiakou and other places.

In 2019, the company won the bid for Zhangjiakou City Bus procurement project, 30 hydrogen fuel cell buses will be put into operation during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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